United States Congress Writes Buhari Over Govt Massacres, Suppression of Freedom, Torture of Journalists

Buhari and Trump


The United States Congress on November 25th wrote a strong letter to the Nigerian government over increasing torture and intimidation of journalists, disobedience of the law and increased denial of freedoms in Nigeria.

The letter addressed through Nigerian Ambassador Nsofor, raised serious issue over failure to free detained journalist Omoyele Sowore despite court orders, persecution of Shia, torture of journalists and various abuses.

Since December 2015, over 1000 Shia minority Muslims have been killed in violent government crackdowns on peaceful protests with secret mass burials used to try to hide the crimes against humanity.

Also mentioned in the letter were the cases of Jones Abiri, Kofi Bartels, PREMIUMTIMES journalist Samuel Ogundipe, Daily Trust newspapers and other cases.

The letter strongly advised the increasingly brutal Nigerian government to respect the rights and liberties of its citizens and protect freedom of political opposition.

The United States recently imposed travel bans on several Nigerian ruling politicians for election rigging and their roles in violence. It was recently reported that the governor of Ekiti state was denied a US visa to attend a governors meeting.

Nigerians are clamoring for deeper sanctions and direct harsh actions against the Nigerian government for its increasing acts of tyranny and disregard of the law.