US-centric world ending – Kremlin

Lazy eyes listen


According to Kremlin Press-Secretary Dmitry Peskov, the American-centric world is coming to an end, giving way to a new era of diversity in economics and other spheres of international relations.

Peskov made the comments on Friday in reaction to a Financial Times piece in which US Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources Geoffrey Pyatt disclosed that Washington hoped to slash Russia’s oil and gas profits in half by 2030. Pyatt, who was the US ambassador in Kiev during the 2014 Maidan uprising, also stated that American sanctions against Moscow would remain in place “for years to come” as long as the country’s military operation in Ukraine continues.

The Kremlin spokesman insisted that the restrictions by the US and its Western allies are not critical for Russia, as it has many other trading partners on the international stage. He told journalists that “the US might be the largest, but it’s not the only economy in the world. China is on the heels of US. There are also growing economies with their own needs for energy resources.” 

“The world is much more diverse than the United States.” As a result, the American-centric world is coming to an end, and a time of diversity, especially in international economic ties, is beginning,” Peskov said.

Even before Pyatt’s statement, Russian authorities had little doubt that American sanctions would be in place “for years to come,” according to the spokesman. Moscow is organising its policies with this reality in mind, he said, adding that “there is also no doubt that the US will continue to try to pressurise Russia.”

According to the spokesman, the Americans’ “illegal” activities will strain the entire system of global trade and economic relations, “essentially destroying the existing format of those relations.”

Russia’s President Putin Vladimir Putin said that last month that “the development of a new and fairer world order based on the primacy of international law has been a prevailing trend” in recent years.

Earlier, Putin accused the West of “destroying the system of financial, trade and economic relations with their own hands” through their sanctions policies. However, he stressed that “real business cooperation” by other countries is leading to the emergence of a new international model “shaped not by Western standards [and] catering to the selected ‘golden billion,’ but all of humanity… and the developing multipolar world.”