US Govt. Abandons Rescue of Abducted Chibok Girls – Report

A United States-based journal, Foreign Policy, has revealed that the United States Government has given up on the rescue of the over 200 girls kidnapped by the Boko Haram sect in April.

The journal in its publication last Monday listed the girls’ rescue as one of the missions that had been “forgotten” by the US government.

ffk bokoAccording to the magazine, the rescue of the girls is one of ‘The Pentagon’s top five “forgotten missions.”’

In a report titled ‘Forgotten Mission,’ which was published on Monday, the journal said there was no end in sight for the US mission in Nigeria to free the schoolgirls.

The abduction had called global attention, especially through a social media campaign with the hash tag, #BringBackOurGirls.

Foreign Policy recalled that President Barack Obama’s administration had deployed manned and unmanned aircraft to find the girls.

“It also dispatched advisors from the State and Defence departments, as well as the FBI. In late May, 80 troops (were) deployed in Chad to support and maintain unarmed Predator drones providing the mission with surveillance,” Foreign Policy added.

The journal further said, “Approximately 60 girls have escaped but the rest remain missing. Other missions said to have been forgotten by the US government included the hunting down of Joseph Kony of the LRA in Central Africa; destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons; NATO air policing; and the US operations in Afghanistan.