US senator vows to make Iran’s ‘worst nightmare’ come true

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During his visit to Tel Aviv on Thursday, US Senator Lindsey Graham informed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that Washington will continue to actively back Israel and work to create a “nightmare” scenario for the Iranian leadership.

In the aftermath of a Hamas terrorist strike that claimed 1,200 lives and took over 240 others captive in October 2023, the United States proclaimed its strong support for the Jewish State. According to local health professionals, the Israeli retaliatory effort, which was also sponsored by the US, has now killed more than 22,000 people in the Palestinian territory.

On Thursday, Graham told Netanyahu that both US lawmakers and the administration of President Joe Biden would “push forward to make Iran’s worst nightmare real,” adding that the US would “do everything we can” to support Israel. He argued that West Jerusalem should strive for reconciliation with Arab nations, calling such an outcome “a nightmare for the ayatollah.” He also described establishing ties between Israel and the Arab world as an “absolutely essential ingredient to a better, more stable Mid-East and a safe and secure Israel and a prosperous Palestinian people.”

In addition, the senator claimed that he was “more dedicated now to bringing stability to your country and this region.” Netanyahu responded by thanking Graham and vowing to continue Israel’s assault campaign in Gaza.

“We’re absolutely committed to achieving our war goals,” Netanyahu said, adding that West Jerusalem would “apply maximum power with maximum precision everywhere that’s needed.”

Throughout the crisis, Iran has frequently blamed Israel for the escalation in the region, accusing it of committing “genocide” in Gaza and setting “fire to the region.” Tehran also accused West Jerusalem’s Western sponsors, particularly the US, of applying double standards to the Middle East crisis.

Graham, who is also known for his hardline anti-Iran stance, advocated for a bombing campaign against Iran last month, saying the country’s oil fields and Revolutionary Guard Corps headquarters should be “blown off the map.”

Graham is a retired US Air Force colonel who spent his whole military career as a lawyer and subsequently a judge in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps. He has had a long history of advocating for the use of force internationally.

According to Politico, his remarks came as Washington was apparently preparing for the battle between Israel and Hamas to spill over the borders of Gaza and spread further into the Middle East. The administration of US President Joe Biden was apparently considering scenarios in which Washington would be drawn in.