VIDEO: First missile shot at ‘balloon’ over Lake Huron missed, ‘landed harmlessly,’ General Milley says

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According to General Mark Milley and the joint chiefs of staff, who spoke at a press conference recently, the first missile fired at a spy “balloon” flying over Lake Huron missed.

According to Yahoo! News, the joint chiefs of staff stated that the first attempt to shoot down the aerial object failed, resulting in the object landing in the water below.

A senior military commander has confirmed an alarming report: The first missile failed to hit its target over Lake Huron.

“The first shot on the fourth balloon was missed,” Gen. Milley began.

“We’re referring to the balloon that crashed over Lake Huron. That shot hit the first balloon, a Chinese spy balloon flying over the Atlantic off the coast of South Carolina “Milley stated as he listed all of the United States’ military actions against the targets.

“The second one over Alaska… it landed. That was the third one to land in the Yukon. On the fourth one over Lake Huron, the first shot was missed and the second shot was hit “He elaborated.