VIDEO: Radio Biafra Promises To Kill Bayelsa Police PRO, Family

Radio Biafra gun suppliers arrested with weapons they were supplying Nnamdi Kanu


A Radio Biafra family coordinating member who is identified as Dr. Eranya, called in Saturday to ask for information on the Police Public relations officer for Bayelsa state. The caller asked people to give him all information on the officer and called out his email to them while mentioning what he thought was the officer’s name.

He commented that the police publicity officer had falsely accused them of finding weapons and bullets in their possession, further stating that for doing so he was going to kill the police man’s entire family and keep the police as the last man standing after he has witnessed Radio Biafra kill his entire family; and then kill him last.

Another member who identified himself as “Commander Shoot at sight” had given an on air order for his fellow militants to meet him at a creek where he said he was going to blow a Nigerian pipeline.