“Vote of No Confidence” In President Jonathan, Operation Save Nigeria Petitions

July 16, 2013

NewsRescue-Operation save Nigeria has just launched an urgent petition for Nigerian signatures towards a “vote of no confidence,” in the administration of president Goodluck Jonathan. The details are below:

Nigerians Urgently Need A Change of Government: Vote Of No Confidence In President Jonathan’s Reckless Rule

We have no confidence in the dictatorial regime of President Goodluck Jonathan.
In malicious abuse of power, and due to a most dangerous desire to retain power, the president continues to release from jail, all Nigeria’s worst terrorists and corrupt elite, including sentenced murderers on death-row.
The president is ruling the nation like a dictator in reckless manner.
The president allows his wife to harass Nigeria’s elected governors and lawmakers and destroy cohesion and peace in Nigeria’s states.
The president is preoccupied with a reelection campaign and is balkanizing the nation, promoting ethnic and class divides for political exploit.
The president has mismanaged the economy which is now at the point of collapse.
The president, absorbed in 2015 politics appeasements and connivance’s, is not serious and lacks the skill to tackle terror which has taken over 6000 innocent Nigerian lives since was sworn in.
The president has hired non-repentant ex militants to harass the entire nation and as a ‘national security force,’ on billion naira government payroll.
Nigeria is now a world laughing stock at the dangerous bottom of the barrel in all indexes globally: corruption, being born, piracy, terrorism.
There is no job security or plan for this for Nigeria’s millions of youth and future generations.
Under the Jonathan administration, oil pollution in the Niger Delta is more than ever. Foreign companies are not held to account to clean up the mess, on behalf of Nigeria.
The skies of Bayelsa and the rest Niger Delta are still red. The president does not take gas flaring pollution as a serious ecological pollution as well as a waste.
The president cannot even fulfill his duties at occasions where he represents Nigeria internationally.

It is time to remove the president-by-accident before he destroys our country. Nigeria needs new elections. Any method including impeachment or more determinate legal methods as are available must be employed to save Nigeria fast.

To view signatures, read or sign petition, click link: http://www.change.org/petitions/nigerians-urgently-need-a-change-of-government-vote-of-no-confidence-in-president-jonathan-s-reckless-rule

Nigerians Urgently Need a Change of Government-PDF