VP ‘Opening’: As Shettima Honors Tinubu @Elbinawi Tweets On the Corrupt Oligarchy of Northern Nigeria

@Elbinawi Tweets On the corrupt Oligarchy of Northern Nigeria:

The corrupt cabal of Northern #Nigeria have started jostling for the VP slot & that was why Borno Gov invited & honor @AsiwajuTinubu.

One of the reason why Northern Nigeria is backward in all indices of development is because of the extreme evilness of its corrupt elites.

In order to distract their masses from the extreme poverty that engulf them the Northern oligarchy kept d masses occupied with distractions

During President @ChiefObasanjo First term d Northern oligarchy used fake Shariah 2 distract their gullible masses & sadly 1000s were killed

Today this corrupt Northern oligarchy are using “ShiaIslam” as a distraction 4 their gullible masses 2 make them forget their pathetic state

While the elites of Southern Nigeria invest in education & developmental activities for their people, the Northern oligarchy invest in hate.

This wicked & corrupt Northern oligarchy are desperate for power not to develop Northern Nigeria but to corruptly enrich themselves.

Sadly today in all indices of development & progress Northern Nigeria is the most backward region of the world.All “thanks” to the oligarchy

To fully understand d evilness of the oligarchy in Dec 2015 these wicked people murdered 1000+ of their people in Zaria 2 serve imperialism

While leaders think of progress 4 their people, the Oligarchy of N-Nigeria slaughtered 1000s of their people & dumped bodies in mass graves.