What a Mess! Nigerian President and Kaduna Governor’s Security Men Fight Each Other on Public Road [Video]

Buhari and El-Rufai at Kaduna Music And Disco Festival
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This video shows the level of disorder in Nigeria, Africa’s largest nation. In the video two teams of security officers can be seen battling with each other. The dangerous embarrassment comes on the backdrop of political squabbles between the outgoing president, Muhammadu Buhari and ambitiously reckless governor of Kaduna, Nasir el-Rufai, as a circulating message explained.

“What a nation of confusion. This one all the security agencies are under the federal yet no cohesion. Imagine if the police are under the state, what will be the outcome of such fracas? ( They said this happened in Kaduna, a fight between Buhari’s security an El-Rufai’s police along Kawo road. President Buhari’s security operatives trying to stop Gov El Rufai’s security operatives from escorting the Gov to Kawo Bridge because the President was already there in what they considered a security breach of protocols).”