@WhiteHouse: Please Do Not Give Jonathan the $458 Million Abacha Loot

Mar. 28, 2014


We beg you dear America with everything you hold dear, please and please, do not repatriate that $458 million seized Abacha assets/loot to Nigeria right now. In case you do not know, though we know you know, there is a hole in the bucket right now. To be more precise, we do not even have a bucket, we have a basket here at present. Bandits are in power.

Late Dictator Abacha
Late Dictator Abacha

Something is missing over here so we cannot yet collect that money, please bear with us. Soon it will be repaired and then we will come for it; but for now, kindly keep it well as you have been. The last repatriated funds our leaders’ godfather got back from Switzerland and other of his looted billions of dollars we have been recovering locally, and from the Luxembourg and other stashes, only they know where the money is. The things they said they did with said funds are nowhere to be seen today. And this lemon—in power currently—did not fall too far from the tree…the $458 will be gone before you can say Jack Robinson; before it even reaches Nigeria. That, sadly, is the way of things these days. We believe you heard about the Berne declaration report and how they steal billions of dollars of our earnings before it ever reaches our shores. This is what we go through. Right now, you can literally see them licking their fingers and fighting over how they will divide the $458 among themselves to buy more private jets and sponsor more terror to test their security in their fortified mansions and bombproof cars.

It is not a problem we cannot and will not handle. We are resolving this slight, dreadful glitch as we speak. It was an unfortunate situation, actually a series of unfortunate coincident incidents that got us here: an imprisonment and a death/murder; odd ‘coincidences’…that got us this Good luck.

God bless you, enh, America, unna do well. To have actually kept the looted assets intact for 16 years; that is a miracle, the like of which is unheard of in these parts. Even for few minutes, billions of dollars will not be found over here, talk less 16 years. In our country, while you are looking at the money like this, it will be disappearing. Pension, disappear. Subsidy, disappear. Oil revenue, disappear. NEITI/gas revenue, gone. Tax, gone! Road use tax, gone before it is started. Malibu, gone. NNPC $20-127 billion remittance, gone. The money I had in my pocket just now, gone. In fact, the $458, check it where you kept it. The government vipers have heard of it, it may have grown wings already!

As official reason not to remit these funds, please consider the implication of transferring such funds which will potentially be utilized to sponsor terror in Nigeria. It has been noted that as billions of dollars got missing from the nation’s coffers, ‘Boko Haram’ and other deadly menaces in Nigeria happened to simultaneously get stinking rich and able to afford limitless sophisticated weaponry. We will not want funds released from the US to be used to sponsor al Qaeda and global terror via transfers from Boko Haram in Nigeria, through AQIM.

Please consider that at this time in our history, we would benefit immensely if there is a global ban on the purchase of our oil all together. We cause too much ecological pollution for the worth of the oil harvested from our country; and the earnings from the oil—of which most is looted—ends up doing us more harm than good. This is not the right time for us to get any more money from any source whatsoever. Please consider this seriously. As obtains today, most of us live under a dollar a day, while the 1003 cabal and leaders, sorry—rulers who colonize us, live on over a million dollars a day. This is calamitous. We should not be giving them more dough. If you give them this money now, I promise you, we will be repatriating this very same $458 again, plus other billions (USD) in another 16 years. Guaranteed! These klepto’s are predictable like desert encroachment. Nostradamus spoke of them in the Century II quatrain 62: “Mabus (Abacha), though dead returns. Both man and beast suffer terribly. Then, all of a sudden, vengeance arrives. Much blood, thirst, hunger, when the comet passes.”

President-Goodluck-Jonathan1-360x225Between our Abacha reincarnate leader, sorry—ruler and his second-in-command, the oil minister, the two who we now find are in-laws—long story; you cannot imagine what we go through in our country. At this time we will prefer for our government officials to be strongly sanctioned as they constitute a risk to themselves, to Nigeria and international partners. You can imagine we have an agent of the president, Wendell Simlin, aka, Reno Omokri who is an open terrorist, on the government payroll. Did you hear about the deadly Immigration scam? Are you aware of the artificial inflicted fuel scarcity—the proposed refinery cabalization? The colossal man-made flood and what happened to the funds that were allocated to rehabilitate those who lost all? Too much to yarn about, maybe some other time.

Then on a final note, you might not know but our government reveres and gave honorary awards to late Abacha who we (the people and you) recognize was a murderous thief. If this money is returned to the Nigerian government now, even if they do not consume it, they will give it back to the criminal members of his family who have been hoarding our money all this while. What purpose will your noble action serve then?

We thank you for acting in the best interest of Nigeria. In a little while, we would have cleared up this mess and the money can then be sent to our new era of youth leaders in the new Nigeria.

In God we trust.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah
http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian