‘Who Will Police Tucker Carlson’: Twitter Erupts Over NBC Word Choice to Censor Free Speech

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Tucker Carlson, a conservative commentator and former Fox News presenter, announced Tuesday the debut of a new version of his show on Twitter.

Carlson revealed scant details about the show and a common criticism of the news media in a nearly three-minute video released on the platform.

The platform, according to Carlson, is the “last big one remaining in the world” for free expression.

“Twitter isn’t a partisan website,” he explained. “Anyone is welcome here.”

Elon Musk, CEO of Twitter, stated that Carlson would be subject to the same “rules & rewards” as all other users, including subscription income and “Community Notes,” the platform’s content control tool.

“I also want to be clear that we have not signed any kind of agreement,” Musk stated.

Carlson and Fox “agreed to part ways” last month for reasons neither he nor the network revealed, after the network said it had agreed to pay almost $800 million to Dominion Voting Systems in settlement of a defamation lawsuit filed by the firm.

A Fox representative did not reply quickly to a request for comment. Carlson’s attorney did not respond to a request for comment either.

“Tucker Carlson Tonight,” which had been shown on Fox News since 2016, was one of the most popular shows on American cable news.

Carlson was well-known for spreading conspiracy theories and falsehoods, such as the racist “great replacement” hypothesis, which can be found on fringe websites like as 4chan. Carlson also targeted people with his platform.

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