Why Do Igbo People Lay Claim To Biafra? – Ibekwe Nonyerem

by Ibekwe Nonyerem,

I have read lots of comments, interviews, and opinions about this so-called Biafra stuff from the sublime to the most absurd. Yet none has been able to define or identify the territory called Biafra.

Some have made allusion to the Bight of Biafra now Bonny as the state of Biafra.
To clarify on the geographical location of Bight of Biafra, also called Bight of Bonny, it is a bay of the Atlantic Ocean on the western coast of Africa, extending east, then south, 370 miles (600 km) from the Nun outlet of the Niger River (Nigeria) to Cape Lopez (Gabon). Within the Bight of Biafra
are several islands, the largest of which is Bioko, belonging to Equatorial Guinea. Major ports on the bay are Malabo (on Bioko), Port Harcourt and Calabar (Nigeria), Douala (Cameroon), Bata (Equatorial Guinea), Libreville and Port-Gentil (Gabon). Is there any Igbo tribes or natives indigenous to this bay?


Secondly. what are actually the grievances of the this haughty, permanently ignorant and deluded sterile Biafra agitators? There are so many discordant and confusing tunes; from President Buhari`s appointments, lack of infrastructural and physical development in the Southeast , freedom and citizenship. The Southeast has been 90% PDP since 1999 with over 50% of senior political appointments zoned to this region. Never in our history has any region, produced the SGF, Minister of Finances, CBN Governor, Head of the Army, Head of the Police council, Deputy Senate President, Deputy Speaker etc. Why have the Southeast PDP Governors not been able to develop Igbo states since 1999?

Since 1999 most states in Nigeria have embarked on several projects including construction of federal roads, state airports and deep sea ports. What prevented Anambra, Abia, Enugu, Ebonyi from doing what Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Edo, Jigawa , Osun , Lagos, Oyo are doing? The bottom line is that, these agitations are sponsored because a few misguided Igbo politicians feel they have lost power, political relevance and they simply lack the ingenuity, discipline and capacity to organise any political comeback in the next decades but for APC.