Why is Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt pushing driver’s licenses for illegal aliens?

Lazy eyes listen


When Democrats took control of the Minnesota legislature, they immediately passed a slew of far-left legislation, including the extension of driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. One would think that red states would work tirelessly to make illegal immigration illegal by cutting off all state benefits to illegal immigrants. Instead, Oklahoma, one of the most red states in the union, is working with Gov. Kevin Stitt to allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses.

Rather than pushing bills to discourage illegal immigration, as Ron DeSantis is doing in Florida, Republicans in Oklahoma’s legislature, with Gov. Kevin Stitt’s support, passed SB669 out of committee that, if signed into law, would make illegal aliens eligible for modified driver’s licenses. Despite an 11-2 GOP majority on the panel, the bill passed the Committee on Aeronautics and Transportation 7-6.

The Senate bill was written by Democrat immigration attorney Michael Brooks-Jimenez, who also serves on the board of a pro-amnesty organization. That is not an unusual resume for a Democrat, but what is surprising is how this could garner so much support from Republicans in a state like this at a time when the American people are suffering as a result of the mass border invasion.

The House bill, HB 2114, is identical but is dubbed the “Liberty Bill,” an acronym for “Lowering Insurance and Benefiting the Economy, Roads, Taxpayers, and Yourself (LIBERTY) Act,” a slap in the face to conservatives. You know, because importing the entire third world is somehow a stroke of genius for taxpayers. The bill’s name was changed by Daniel Pae, a very liberal Republican who pushed the same driver’s license bill last year. It passed the House Judiciary Committee 6-3 on March 2.

In an ultimate irony, the primary House author is Ryan Martinez, who is awaiting trial for a second DUI – a felony that would disqualify him from office if convicted. Unsurprisingly, illegal alien DUIs are on the rise.

To make matters worse, Ryan Martinez called Governor Stitt a racist on the House floor last year for opposing a bill that would give Indian tribal courts more authority. Surprisingly, Stitt has chosen to participate in Martinez’s ruse. Last year, he stated that granting illegal aliens driver’s licenses would reduce insurance premiums and expressed hope that the bill would reach his desk in time for him to sign it. One has to wonder if this has anything to do with Stitt’s support for the arrival of a Mexican consulate in Oklahoma City.

The Mexican government and those who lobby for it clearly have more clout with the governor than citizens harmed by illegal alien crimes and drunk driving, as well as the costs associated with the presence of illegal aliens in the country

Republicans made the counterintuitive argument throughout the debate that the best way to deal with Biden’s border invasion is to invite the invaders into the state to better control them. However, denying benefits at the state level is more effective than border security in discouraging illegal immigration. And, no, impoverished third-world illegal immigrants are not the key to Oklahoma’s prosperity. According to a new study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, illegal immigration costs American taxpayers $151 billion per year, a 30% increase since 2017. Sure, illegal immigrants pay payroll taxes, but that doesn’t cover the $78 billion in K-12 education costs or the $42.7 billion in uncompensated health care costs. FAIR estimates that the cost of the state’s 183,000 illegal immigrants is $1 billion.

Also, does anyone believe the state of Oklahoma has the resources to vet these individuals and ensure they are who they claim to be? Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, warned that states that have done this in the past have done a poor job of finding the true identities of people who subsist on stolen identity. “The state of Oklahoma should not be sanctioning the presence of illegal aliens by providing them with official identification documents, especially when the person’s identity cannot be verified by the state and the person has no lawful status,” Vaughan warned.

Take a look at the types of military-age men who literally invade our border every day, and are you surprised?