When Will The Lion Roar?, By Adnan Mukhtar Adam

Rabiu Kwankwaso

By Adnan Mukhtar Adam

This will be my second article of celebrating a brave leader, icon of light, father and architect of modern Kano state on his 60th birthday. Apart from the Late Audu Bako and Alhaji Abubakar Rimi of all former governors of Kano state, there is no any other governor that recorded the achievements like Senator Kwankwaso in Kano state.

It has reached to the extent that you are granted unfavorable favors by men of the Nigerian police because of wearing the red cap, I have witnessed that, I have been to Abuja many times, Katsina, Jigawa, Gombe, Kaduna, Zaria and many other states, all by road with the historic red cap on my head and whenever I came across to a person that talks, he will say Kwankwasiyya and I will reply Amana, then the discussion continues with a prayer MAY He LEAD NIGERIA and I will say a big Amen.

This love is for no other reason than that of his track records as governor of Kano state, Kano has turned to a mega city of emulation by governors of other states, example of the Kano Roads and Traffic Agency(KAROTA) which state like Kaduna followed suit of forming the Kaduna state traffic and environmental laws agency (KASTELEA).

The name of kwankwaso has been written in gold, the person that the people of Kano are eager to see is no other person than the super senator, I happened to be part of the convoy of APC National Treasurer on a condolence visit to the family of the governor that never was Engr Magaji Abdullahi, the Jeep of the Treasurer has a siren horn, could you imagine how people trooped in joining the convoy thinking that it was the super senator despite all efforts to convince them.

When I asked the two term secretary of Nassarawa local Government who happens to be my Maternal uncle, he said this is an example of the kind of love showered on Rimi by the people of Kano and it was for no any other reason than his achievements as governor of Kano state.

The achievements of Senator Kwankwaso in kano on every aspect of life cannot be over emphasized, it is real, a regular and new visitor of Kano can testify to this, he has touched many areas of our life academically, politically, economically and socially.

One thing that the super senator will not be forgotten is; he was the second governor to anoint and endorse his deputy as gubernatorial candidate of his party, it is for no other reason but for continuity, he believes that he knows from where they started and stopped, he will continue with the school feeding, free education, Empowerment and many other projects they have embarked on. He said, they have been together since 1999, he believes he has the capacity and qualities of succeeding him.

Kwankwaso was a leader, when he make such kinds of decision by giving serious reasons like this, no one will object to it, he means seriously what he speaks, he is straight forward and a no non sense politician, he is fearless to the extent that all those enemies elite of Kano are afraid of him, he has respect for the rule of law, he is discipline, you hardly heard his family into the governmental affairs, his children and wife all faces their businesses.

I know many of my readers will be asking themselves why Adnan always write in defence or support of kwankwaso? The answer is because of his patriotic mind and commitment to the children of the poor like me, he hates injustice, he fight and stands for the weaker ones. This is just the reason, I can’t support an old man that speaks from the both side of his mouth.

Since the beginning of the Kwankwaso /Ganduje feud, the Grand Commander of the Kwankwasiyya Movement has chosen to kept mute, the feud is more of an NPN and PRP, while we stand on the side of Malam Aminu Kano, the father of the talakawa who was a staunch critic of tax (Haraji) and the injustices traditional rulers meted on the poor, Governor Ganduje stands on the side of people like Abubakar Rimi, Shehu Shagari and Aminu Wali.

Governor Ganduje has resorted to calling his former principal and boss names, he has also become an ardent critic of policies he was part of. Words like Aika Aika, Kar Tasan Kar and other words of blackmail but the lion has refused to roar, when will the lion roar, catch and finish the old man? The Lion will roar at the right time.

When he was anointed and won the primaries, some elders paid from Dawakin Tofa the local government that Ganduje came from  paid an appreciation visit to the Former governor, they thank him for anointing their son as his successor, Ganduje on his part thank the super senator for the confidence he showered on him, many governors are afraid of anointing their successor not for any reason but for the fear of betrayal.

In his appreciation message, he cited instances where his former principal has showered him love, he said Senator Kwankwaso was behind his appointment as an ambassador which by the will of God was not possible, he was also behind his appointment as his special Adviser in the ministry of Defence, nomination as his running mate and that of his appointment as Executive Secretary of Lake Chad Basin Commission, he said he is in short of words to express his appreciation.  Despite all these kind gestures, the governor has resorted to calling his former boss names in just some months of leaving office. This is unfortunate.

The Lion that has just clocked 60 years has shown more sign of maturity than the old who is unofficially at his early 70’s but officially at his old 60’s. I pity the anger of the lion on Ganduje, the political fight will not be good for him, for almost two years of his assumption into office, the political structure of Kwankwasiyya has remain adamant and strong despite the persecution of Kwankwasiyya members in Kano under his watch and directives, the keke Napep riders, business men, civil servants that government is owning salary for months have all remain by the side Kwankwasiyya.

The incessant increase of tax and it’s useless diversion to political activities is not only worrisome but condemnable, the sadomy case at Hassan Ibrahim Gwarzo Secondary School, the 3 billion that was spended on hajj, disappointing appointments, unnecessary and extravagant hiring of aircrafts by the governor are not only worrisome but condemnable and unforgettable.

The conditions of our public schools, hospitals and lack of proper sanitation and management of refuse in Kano are because of His Excellency’s lack of concern to the  condition of his people, the more and earlier he correct these mess the better.

By God willing the Super Senator and his likes will come back to oust Ganduje out of the Kano government house, we will insha Allah be part of those that will give him a shinkafi treatment without any fear.

The lion is one of those amazing leaders who doesn’t see only the way to victory, but also knows when victory is impossible. He is a supersonic person whose achievements speaks before his sound, the Lion will surely roar at the right time.

As the lion clocks 60 blissful years in this world, I wish him Allah’s guidance, protection and more fruitful years ahead.

Happy Birthday to an achiever!