Will Posterity Be Fair To President Buhari?, By Joe Onwukeme

By Joe Onwukeme

One of the maxisms of equity stipulates that, “one who comes into equity must come with clean hands”. President Buhari has scaled the hurdles of equity and has begun the journey to posterity. His journey to posterity started on May 29th, the day president Buhari was sworn in as the 6th democratically elected president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Like equity, there’s no guaranteed road to posterity. But, will posterity be fair to president Buhari? Can he be able to pull a rabbit out of a hat? Especially now he has unveiled names of his much awaited would be ministers?

Or Is he going to follow the same road with some highly detached individuals of the old corrupt political order, whose roads to posterity have been tarred with expletives and curses?

The discerners will agree with me that with an iron clad reputation— president Buhari has started on a familiar terrain in rescuing this nation from it’s myriads of challenges with strong emphasis on corruption, which has remained his strong suit over the years.

The massive catastrophe and sheer greed that was carefully erected at the Augean stable of the immediate past dysfunctional leadership is still waiting for justice. And there’s no compensation that would be better to Nigerians than open justice to all those gluttonous looters who under the umbrella of impunity ruthlessly and repeatedly battered our economy.

If Mr. president does not want to be accompanied to posterity with public opprobrium, he should try not be carried away by executive decorum nor distracted by the politically mischief makers and irreverent critics who like vultures, have been hacking into the carcasses of his administration with relentless pillorying.

While he had before hand solicited to Nigerians to temper their pandering expectations with dose of realities, he should also be cognizance of the fact that, considering the burden of expectations, no immunity will shield him from posterity, if he and his newly constituted ministers do not initiate other radical reforms and policies that would revive our ailing economy.

Joe Onwukeme


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