Zaria Carnage: The Confused GOC

Nigerian Military 14th January sponsored dinner and largesse

Last week there was a joint collaboration which doesn’t fit in all sense, between some selected Ulamas within Kaduna state and the Nigerian army.

The meeting looks more like a discussion session. With the participation of only few participants in other word some selected first class enemies of the Islamic movement in Nigeria and Sheikh Zakzaky in particular.

The hungry scholars were rewarded with N500,000 thousand at the end of the session to share. The GOC’s speech is full of messages. There is a Message to the general public, those playing the role of passive observers in the Zaria Carnage. Also a message to Nigerian army that got involved in the massacre, because they are the active observers, they have a vast knowledge of the whole tragedy; to fool them is not an easy task.

The GOC employed all tactics to create another super story as a replacement of the real massacre. From Hussainiyyah to Gyallesu, he said; “my order is to cordon and search”. It sound ridiculous for the Major General to refer to what they did in Hussainiyyah centre and Gyallesu as a cordon and search operations. A cordon and search operation is a term normally used in criminal investigation. It refers to a line of people or things placed around an area to enclose or protect it.

May be for the military, a cordon and search simply means go and kill, rape and set ablaze. That was what happened and it was what the world observed. The army should stop manipulating issues and tell Nigerians that the constitution is no more valid, Nigeria is under decree.

Because they have violated and still violating major constitutional provisions of the country. For example, they apprehend without arrest warrant, incarcerate without court proceedings.

The joint meeting should help other Nigerians and people around the world to understand the whole scenario better. We are ordinary citizens of Nigeria. No one should cross the boundary of our fundamental human right as dictated by the constitution and no amount of lies fabricated can do away with the sympathy of the people. A massacre is a massacre better accept it.

Signed: ABUL FADL FOUNDATION, Zaria, Kaduna, Nigeria.