#ZariaMassacre: A Father Salute his murdered Twins on their BirthDay

Hasanain, Happy birthday to you!!!

As you turned 20, I want to join millions of the followers of Ahl Muhammad (sawa) all over the world, particularly our reverred leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky who is undoubtedly our ‘justification and guide’ to Allah (sw), millions of his followers, friends and well wishers, in celebrating this auspicious and historic day-the day(29/Ramadan/1417AH), this twins, turned martyrs, were born.

The martyrdom of Hasan and Husain in the residence of our guide and maula, His Eminence, Sayyid Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), on the 13th of December, 2015, when Wahhabi/Zionists paid agents invaded his (H) to kill him did not come as a surprise to any member of our family.


1. Our leader and Maulaa was the one that did not only preside over my marriage with Hasanain’s mother, in fact, he was the one that played the role of my father who presented the dowry and received the marriage on my behalf.

2. After receiving the marriage, he showered prayers and blessed the marriage.

3. Sayyid’s prayers, I am optimistic, resulted in the historic birth of this twins and seven of their siblings – Ali-Haidar, Muhammad Mahdi Muntazar, Adam, Muhammad Ja’far, Muhammad Baqeer, Muhammad Jawad and Fatima.


Martyrs Hassan and Husain knew too well that Sayyid Zakzaky apart from being our guide he was their grandfather and who must be protected against his enemies. It was because of this drive and commitment to give their lives in the defence of our Maula that prompted them to join the Abul Fadl foundation. Before their martyrdom, they never missed any program of both the movement and Abul Fadl. They were always on the ground 24/7 to give their time, resources and life for Islam.

Interesting enough, their mother who happened to be a very strong source of knowledge and inspiration to all of us in the family, gave them all the encouragement they needed to become exemplary and Islamic models, at least to their younger ones. Shaheed Hassan and Shaheed Husain were beloved, caring and responsible lots who tried during their life time to make everyone in the family happy, especially their mother and I. They were the lifewire of the house because they were the ones cooking for the family even when their mother was at home. They were the ones washing our clothes and those of their younger ones. They were the ones bathing their younger ones and preparing them for school. They were the ones sweeping the house and washing plates in the house. They were the ones fetching water from a very distant borehole for the house. They were the most effective messengers in the house. In fact, it was after their martyrdom that it dawned on us that they were the pillars and the enginehouse of the house.

But because we are optimistic that they have gone to the next world as pleased and exalted servants of Allah, and as oppressed souls who were innocently and extrajudiciously killed in the defence of our leader – Nasirull Mahdi (AF) by President Buhari ibn Adamu Maiagwagwa. Yes, you were killed by those who adore and hold as leaders – those who conspired to kill the holy prophet (sawa) throughout the period of his mission on earth. You were killed by those who worship those that killed Sayyida Zahra – the beloved servant of Allah and who He was pleased with and pleased with those she was pleased with, the leader of the women of paradise and the daughter of our and the seal of prophets. These are the people who do not only celebrate the killing of Imam Husain(swsa); but who if they had lived or were present in Karbala, would have joined hands with the forces of Yazeed that killed Imam Husain.

Shaheed Hassan and Shaheed Hussain we indeed miss you alot and will continue to untill we join the duo of you and elder ones – Shaheed Muhammad and Shaheeda Fatima, who you all attained martyrdom with on 13/12/2015. As we wish you happy birthday today, we also wish you peace the day you were born and peace the day you were martyred and peace the day you will be raised along with those that killed you for accountability on the day of each-to-himself. May Allah raised you with the martyrs of Karbala.

Isa Waziri, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria