‎Re: Nasarawa To Employ 1,500 Workers

By Ibrahim Kabiru Dallah
Dear Reader, in the recent times you all know me as one of the advocate of good governance in Nasarawa State and beyond, as its stand, we are not suppose to be discussing about the misbehaviour of those in the government if not for the economy of  our dear country that’s derailing now beyond the control of the government of Nigeria.
Today, I read with one eye in the Leadership Newspapers that the government of Nasarawa State under the leadership of Umaru Tanko Al-Makura would employ 1500 workers every year before the end of the present government and I laughed in Greek and French language.
As a patriotic and concerned citizen of Nasarawa State, I wouldn’t want to undermine the capacity and the carriage of the government of Nasarawa State under Al-Makura but for the fact that we have all witnessed the past 4years without any good things for the masses then, one will not be left with an option than to say, this recent statement of Al-Makura is one of those baseless promises that has no time or day to be fulfilled.
For instance, let’s agree that Al-Makura would fulfilled his recent promise to add 1500 peoples’ to the workforce of the state every year, that means in the next 4years there will be an additional 6000 workers in Nasarawa State but then, Nigerians can not forget in the hurry the over 7000 peoples’ that were sacked from the workforce in the past 4years under Al-Makura, where are we heading to.
As a matter of fact, Nasarawa State produces over 10,000 graduates every year, basically, Al-Makura is now telling us that he wants to leave Nasarawa State worse than the way he met it.
For posterity purpose, we must keep our political difference aside and challenged the status quo in Nasarawa State because unemployment has no political party, if proper care is not taken the future of an ordinary person in the street of Nasarawa State would be VOID base on the record that Al-Makura is setting.
Country men and women, peoples’ are dying in Nasarawa State due to lacks of employment, prompy payment workers salaries, and no any good business in Nasarawa State that would bring good money to the youth of Nasarawa State, in fact, I almost shade tears the last time I visited Lafia, the capacity city of Nasarawa State, I saw young men and women begging for money to eat foods, Al-Makura has turned our young people to beggars on the street because of his greed.
We are not mindful of fact that the worse would happen in the forthcoming Sallah celebration, I can bet $1,000 (USD) that both the workers and the men on the street will surely cry out because money would not be in circulation.
Therefore, without sounding immodest, Al-Makura is running our state like a one man business, if Nasarawa State is bigger for him to govern successfully, then he should as a matter of state interest step aside and allow capable hands takeover the affairs of the state for better Nasarawa State.
This Too Shall Pass, Nothing More, Nothing Less.
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