100 Niger Delta Youth On Standby For National Civilian Mission Against Boko Haram

Apr. 27, 2014


As the nation waits for the executive approval of an armed Civilian mission against Boko Haram, a group of 100 youth from Delta state have committed to join the swelling numbers volunteers ready to defend Nigeria.

Prince Kpokpogri who transmitted the communication, said the youth believed the leadership is not involved as it otherwise would be if their children where amiss with the terrorists in the jungles of Borno. The Niger Delta prince went on to declare the preparedness of “100 Niger Delta youth in Delta state have decided to join the race for the search of those girls” asking that the coordinating body “send the details of what needs to be done.”

200 girls remain seized by terrorists in the latest abduction case. Importantly, this is just the largest but one more of several weekly abductions of girls and boys in the past, who have remained as sex-slaves and forced conscripts with Boko Haram.

Since the call was made for Nigerian civilians to step up and join and assist the security services in a full confrontation to seek and rescue all abducted girls, the abducted forced conscript men and crush Boko Haram in all its hideouts, hundreds of Nigerians of all ethnicities, professions, ages and religions have been submitting their full eagerness and patriotic pledge to join the effort and rescue the girls and Nigeria from the four year long, deadly grip of painful terror.

ENDS.ng, coordinating has sent an official memo to the Federal Government of Nigeria, requesting urgent executive authorization for the willing thousands of Nigerian youth to commence on this mission. Memo: “Request For Executive Authorization to Recruit, Mobilize, Train and Deploy Concerned Volunteers Against the Boko Haram Insurgency;” of 26th April, 2014.

The civilians, expected to reach over 50,000 by conservative estimates, plan to work under supervision of the Nigerian security department as a civilian armed force of determined and able strikers who will penetrate the hearts of all Boko Haram hideouts to seek out the terrorists, rescue abductees and eliminate this threat that has destroyed Nigeria, lives and economy for way too long. Teams are investigating modern technological equipment, which will not be mentioned for operational reasons, that will soon be procured with donations and contributions pouring in from concerned Nigerians and friends of Nigeria. With these tools and an expedited course in combat training from military experts, the effort intends to achieve the elimination of Boko Haram within the best warfare safety guidelines and in the shortest time.

In the plan at present, ex-military veterans have also committed to join the rescue and eliminate mission. Teams with prior or better armed combat training will constitute the leaders and first sets of civilian soldiers to begin the rescue mission as other recruits arrive Borno and undergo their training.

The Civilian-JTF army in Borno, which has conservatively between 20-40,000 full and part time youth, already committed to combat, and who know the terrain, are committed to this necessary task for all Nigerians and have been pressing for the ability to bear arms and be able to seek and engage Boko Haram. These brave youth who have been a vital factor in the current success against Boko Haram, have been sacrificed by Nigeria, being encouraged to pursue deadly armed terrorists with mere knives and daggers. Many have paid the ultimate price, for their people and the nation, dying at the hands of the ruthlessly armed terrorists. It is time the patriotic request of these tested and trusted youth, to the right to bear arms against this vile adversary is honored.

Youth from around the nation and abroad have determined to go and take a stand. No longer waiting to possibly die, blown to bits at bus stops, or to be abducted in schools, Nigerians of all works of life have decided to make the Borno fight, their fight: to bring an end to the wanton terror and banditry of a few lunatics being sponsored to destroy life in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s military has been doing a great job, however this is not a war for the military alone. The military which has been unable to end this terror for the four years, is getting bogged down, not only in Borno, but from its engagements in the Niger Delta and again in the volatile middle belt.  To this end, civilian forces have been engaged to assist the military, one of which is the engagement of an ex-militant, Tompolo to “secure the Niger Delta” from oil theft.

Nigeria is embrangled in conflict and crises and needs its noble civilians. Nigeria’s noble youth, many of whom are unemployed, are on standby, and have started exercise and endurance training in preparation for this great mission of never before seen, compassion, unity and patriotism. Good people and organizations from around the world are eager to contribute tactically, financially and with prayers and moral support to ensuring this mission is a success.

Nigerians have answered this call, the call of the dead, the wounded, the orphaned, the homeless, the jobless. Boko Haram has precipitated an unknown sense of community, self sacrifice and strength that has revealed the true gem in the character of the people of a new generation across Nigeria.

The anti-terror national civilian force awaits the responsible authorization of the President of Nigeria, Commander-in-chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Boko Haram just signed its death warrant.

Nigeria has stood up. We will win by the grace of the Almighty!

Dr. Peregrino Brimah
http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian