2017 Budget; A Budget Of Blackmail


It is only in Nigeria where you sleep with people of sickening stupidity and wake up and realised that you’ve been put in an  irresponsible position by them. If not, how could the 2017 Budget be used to blackmail Nigerians through the executive arm of the government ?.

If we all can vividly recall, almost all the 36 states of the federation passed their various budgets in January 2017 but because of some heinous motives, as it seemed, our national budget was intentionally delayed in the name of deliberation, a powerful reason that only exposed the criminal intents and insertion of various un-approved projects by the legislature. These inserted projects by these legislooters were only intended to oil the corruption embedded in the 2017 budget. They took 6 months out of the fiscal year and spent it on deliberation of the budget.

This ‘deliberation’ strategy I believe was only concepted to delay the submission of the Budget estimates to the executives for assent, the national assembly together with our senators used the period through manipulative tendencies to intentionally and criminally  refused, delayed, padded, mutilated and sabotaged our national budget of 2017 and submitted for assent only when the time has already gone by. Our freedom for comfort was temporarily taken over by their initial refusal and delay to pass the 2017 budget promptly.

This 8th House have really sabotaged and imprisoned our Nigerian lives, these individuals as they represented us, used the existing unforgiving acrimony controlled by their self serving advances of which this government couldn’t accept.

They’ve succeeded in blackmailing us into submitting to their criminal padding of our budget. These people are heartless, they mixed politics with the comfort of Nigerians for their self serving personal gains. They’ve used delay tactics to punish us for just no reason. We were captives before, we are abductees of political manipulations now.

Senator Kabiru Gaya’s was named this time around as the master mind of the padding of the 2017 budget. The name of senator Kabiru Gaya came up as he is alleged to have padded the 2017 budget through the work committee, though, you know he cannot be alone in this business of budget padding and mutilation, because Budget padding is a serious business of the corrupts, it involves insertion into the budget of some selfishness in material term. It’s in their blood, imaging the years our various budgets remained padded, for 16years they kept us in the dark, we never knew of budget padding before, we discovered it now but the culprits have remained unrelenting over the years.

We were only made aware of the padding by some Nigerian lawmakers who alleged illegal alterations ofthe approved document by the National Assembly, The Gaya’s committee was alleged to have padded our capital votes, the works committee which he led inserted into the budget, projects for Trunk B and Trunk C roads which are entirely the responsibilities of the states and local governments but transfered into federal spendings. The lawmakers blew the whistle only when some senators discovered that projects approved for their constituencies are now missing in the budget.

The month of June is almost out, the year has almost run out and the budget I believe is signed padded, because the executives have no choice than to sign, after all, time was made limited by the legislooters.

We are tired of this indiscretion, we are mad with the legislooters because they’ve graduated into trampling on our redhead lives, and the most annoying part is that, they are unforgiving in their quest to steal from us.

There is nothing to celebrate about the signing of the 2017 budget, but we can hope for the executive arm to as quickly as possible release finances for especially the execution of the capital projects already lined in the 2017 budget of blackmail.

Comrade Alhassan Haruna Dambatta.
Activist , Journalist, Media Expert.
[email protected]