2019: I Did Not Decide To Run Because I Am A Northerner – Dr Brimah


My decision to run for the number one office in Nigeria has nothing to do with being from the north. Frankly, I do not subscribe to the primitive and regressive idea of power rotation and sharing and find all these conversations and attacks of ethnic lopsidedness as distractions, unconstitutional and pathetic. I believe in efficiency not color and I am sure most of the electorate who have suffered the same under “their own” and “others,” are beginning to think this way too.

I also did not decide to run for office because I am a youth and I know this election will be won by us youth as it is our time. No, it was not this convenience that made me decide to declare for the office of the President in 2019.

Likewise it is not because I am a Medical doctor and believe Nigeria deserves an intellectual with a real college degree in contrast to what it has suffered in the past. I am not running because of my Medical degree, Masters in Science or my body of peer-reviewed academic work.

Nor am I running because I am a weathered advocate and it is clear Nigeria needs someone in touch with the struggles.

It is not because of any of these cheap “advantages” that I am running.

I am running for the office of the President because I am a revolutionist. Yes, this is why I am running. Because Nigeria is on the path to an inevitable revolution as happened with the robber barons vs Unions revolution of USA and the French revolution and the Arab spring we “missed.” Like them, in Nigeria, about 30 systemic corruption-made greedy Nigerians own all the promise, urban-valuable and arable land in Nigeria and there is simply no opportunity for the people in spite of any government’s best efforts.

Paid slave servitude to the cabal has been the best offer of the 4th republic. Things have not worked and all survivors have seen this. 40 million unemployed youth are frustrated and the Tsunami waves are rising. The government of the day keeps crushing discontent over the dysfunctional country and youth rebellion with massacres and secret mass burials, from Onitsha to Zaria. We are on the precipice of the revolution and if a revolutionary mind like mine does not take over through the democratic process and lead a bloodless revolution to decimate the embedded corrupt cabal, it will be on the streets and it will be ugly.

This is why I am running for the Presidency in 2019 and this is why I will win by the special grace of God and together we will move Nigeria forward and out of the clutches of Nigeria PLC est. 1960, that sponsors both top parties today, killing us as it enjoys permanent immunity and all the opportunity.

Dr. Perry Brimah; @EveryNigerian