The 21 Billion Naira Investment in Aggravated Bigotry, Religious Strife Provocation And Massive Slander


It is happening now: Nigeria is at the head of 46 days of a billions of naira aggressive campaign sponsoring ethnic fractionation, religious strife and media propagated slander and libel.

SaharaReporters came under early attack with the Nigerian army being recruited by the Presidency to castigate the reputable New York based media as “Boko Haram sponsors.” This was in addition to several smear campaigns in recent weeks against the media and its ownership.

The person of the chief opposition candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari is center recipient of the invested targeted slander; the presidential aspirant has begun to be targeted in aggressive slander campaigns. Tolu Ogunlesi a world renowned author just picked up one such fake twitter handle created Friday and promoted by @PDPYF to paint Buhari as a religious fanatic.

The plan is to paint the opposition as risky and fanatical and to spin a web of false allegations of northerners being behind Boko Haram and the usual crap. An article in THISDAY on December 29th with a catchy caption, “How 30 Boko Haram insurgents overran 1000 troops in Mubi,” lured readers then slammed them with paragraphs of religious hate political propaganda.

The article written by a certain Senator Iroegbu made the nonsensical allegations that all the northern Emirs and leaders left were sympathetic to Boko Haram. It further stated that all the troops who abandoned posts and were being investigated by the army were northern Boko Haram sympathizers; though this is clearly mischievous and false as the names involved are from across Nigeria and do not portray this bigotry clam. After all it was Alex Badeh who announced the scam cease fire that cost Nigerians the most lives and territory this year.

Nigerians can expect hundreds of new accounts, texts, messages and unusual media articles in bought over editorials through the next 46 days, being sponsored with the available 21 billion naira and the donations of other Cabal like Dangote who did not yet donate at the Presidential fund raiser. A billion dollars may potentially be invested at the day’s end in seeking an electoral victory for Jonathan. The implication of this heavy investment in dividing Nigeria along religious and ethnic lines will well out live this presidential cycle.

Nigerians must realize that they are targeted for destruction. All hands must be on deck to reject these billion of naira promoted Wendell Simlin hate fabrications in the Nigerian and social media spaces.

The Boko Haram ploy failed as Nigerians now realize the role of accused Senator Ali Modu Sheriff, the President’s right hand man and Jonathan’s Chadian counterpart at the heart of the Boko Haram insurgency. The fake cease fire that allowed Boko Haram regroup and capture and kill across the northeast exposed these conspirators against the Nigerian State.

The Presidency and Cabal who are afraid of change and hope for mere Nigerians is turning to a last desperate, well funded media scheme to gather together all fanatical anti-north and anti-Muslim sentiment and utilize this in attempt to retain power. Nigerians must rise above this. Our poverty unifies us; our religion and ethnicity must only be used in healthily competing for excellence and not as a weapon against us to keep us subjugated and oppressed by the unified Cabal.

Frankly, those involved and sponsoring the libel, hate propaganda and ethnic sentiment should be arrested and hung for this promotion of hate and deadly violence in Africa’s largest nation.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian