Achieving Biafra For Dummies, By Dr. Peregrino Brimah


It is necessary to explain the non violent and non loony-Nnamdi Kanu easy methods to achieve “Biafra.” Some of my Igbo brethren think I am anti-Biafra; on the contrary, while my research has confirmed that there was never a historic Biafra in Nigeria and it was rather in Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon, I and the organization to which I belong is pro-self determination 100% if this is the desire of the people. To coexist no be by force. One of the most deadly situations experienced in life is when a failed marriage is forced to continue. Lots of times we regret too late after someone has been killed or taken his or her own life.

If indeed the true desire of the intellectually capable majority of any peoples in the East or elsewhere is to be divorced from Nigeria; they should be given such opportunity according to the laws of the United Nations.

Failure to give such opportunity can lead to what Nigeria was almost exterminated from where particular blocks voted en mass for a reckless and insanely corrupt candidate that no one liked, simply to oppose the other parts they despise and keep those “other” parts frustrated in never ending terror pogroms under that clueless candidate. Failure to listen to their desire puts the nation in the greatest risk.

Nigeria must truly conference and table all issues if it is to live together as Ojukwu said. Nnamdi Kanu, the miscreant leader of Radio Biafra did not even ask for a referendum or try to win elections in his state before beginning to buy guns and bullets to kill Nigerians. He was a mess. Perhaps when MASSOB urinated on him (as he said) it affected him mentally.

The issues I have are with the miscreant pro-PDP bully, Nnamdi Kanu who stole IPOB from the council of elders and resorted to abuse and terror methods to promote his financially rewarding BiaFraud business, while making a mess of true agitations and hindering any empathy and concern for the legitimate. He should remain in jail or/and face capital punishment for his treasonable and terror offenses according to Nigeria’s constitution and the 2011 Anti-Terror act as amended.

The Responsible Method Towards Self-Determination

1. You must recall all your senators and representatives who do not share the views and agitations of the majority if true as you claim. To do so, get only half of the registered voters who voted for them to exercise their Power of Recall by signing a vote of no confidence in the assemblymen. My website, may be of help to quickly gather these lists. Time was wasted; you should never in the first place have voted for representatives who are not true representatives of your desires.

2. Direct your agitation and protest towards your state governors. Vote no confidence in them and get them impeached or otherwise expelled if they do not support the desire of the majority, if you are indeed the majority in each state. This will be a state-wise process. You can achieve self-determination or “Biafra” or whatever name you choose for it in a state-by-state process, piece-meal, then later stitch it all together. You can never achieve it by suicidal marches on the streets from state to state.

3. Arrange for new elections for the state governorship position and the senator and representative positions that have been freed. Now, once new elections have been arranged, get “MASSOB” or “Radio Biafra” for instance or other association or family members who you believe truly carry the cross to contest for all open positions. Ideally, if indeed all the peoples had this agitation then anyone can contest, but to play safe, get people you know that belong to your self-determination family and put them to battle. They win, it means the people truly want regionalism or self-determination in any form as you have claimed.

4. Now that you are in authority as state governor and as senators and representatives of your region, you are totally equipped to self-determine. You have the strength to present the wishes of your people at the Federal and international level. The United Nations gives certain conditions to receive your application. It must be recognized that Odimegwu Ojukwu was only able to declare a state because he was premiere of the defined region in fulfillment of the condition, viz:

a. defined territory. This can be done state by state or the collection of states you have won.

b. defined government. You are now the governors of these states, so you fulfill this criteria.

c. a permanent population. This is the population of the state or combined states.

d. your state must be able to interact with other states. Done.

Note: The only reason why we had to recall and displace already elected officials is because somehow and oddly, we happened to have elected an entire set who are not “Give me Biafra or let me die” people, ready to propose our agenda…right? We were stupid to have just been listening to radio and paying levies to the studio all this while without getting our members into politics to position them towards our goals; since we would have certainly won if as we say, we indeed are the majority.

Most of the Arab countries where protests sprung are in hell right now. One of the reasons why is because chips from the old block and old politicians still hold sway after people revolutions. You need political or military strength. Radio riots never ruled a nation. We want to be smart. Boko Haram have been trying to cut off a bigger chunk than the demarcated areas of Borno and Adamawa in the Hague ruling and they have not succeeded with all their guns and bullets for years now, with over 100,000 Nigerian dead under the Jonathan-Ihejirika-Badeh enrichment supervised massacres. Nigeria lost as many as 2 million people during the first Biafra attempt. Let us be intellectual and do things wisely and refrain from following mad men.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian