Adnan OKTAR: “Iran and Turkey are friends, Muslims are brothers. People should beware of the plots”


The renowned Muslim opinion leader Mr. Adnan Oktar, both through his articles in the international media and his TV programs, has strongly and repeatedly emphasized the importance and urgency of an alliance between Iran, Turkey and Russia and how it would be a most crucial step for the peace, security and stability in the region. Recent developments between the three countries have brought this aspiration closer to being reality. Just lately, these countries started working together to save the civilians trapped in Aleppo, a scene of intensified clashes. However, realizing the key role these three countries play in a region marred by civil wars, the British Deep State has taken action to drive a wedge between Iran and Turkey through artificial problems.

Similar developments happened in early 2016, which Mr. Oktar exposed with his article entitled ‘No More Wellington House Propaganda’ in the Tehran Times in February of same year. In his piece, Mr. Oktar explained how fake news was being created to cause a rift between Iran and Turkey and that two countries should beware of such plots.

This time Aleppo is being used as an excuse to create false Shia-Sunni tensions through provocations. Needless to say, right now a significant duty falls on the leaders of the two countries. It is crucial that the leaders guide their people towards alliance and emphasize the significance of an Islamic Alliance.

Mr. Oktar, in his recent TV appearances, has drawn attention to the rooted and long-standing friendship and the brotherhood of centuries between the two countries. He also effectively rendered ineffective these sinister plots by reminding again how important it is for these two brother countries to join their forces immediately.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s conversation on December 15, 2016


They collectively want us to fight Iran. But if Turkey and Iran clash, that would be the end of the Islamic world. That would be the end of Muslims. However, if these two powerful nations in the Middle East team up, they will become a superpower. But if they separate, that would be the end of Islam (May Allah forbid). This is the plot of the British Deep State. How are you falling for this? The British Deep State apparently hired some Shia communist murderers. These murderers are directly working for the British Deep State and they are actually called British Shia. These British Shia hate the Shia in Iran, too. In the past, they heavily propagandized against the Ottoman and created anti-Turkish sentiment and now they are carrying out black propaganda in Iran against Turkey.

The Turkey-Iran border has remained the same since 1639. For the past 400 years, there hasn’t been a war between the Iranians and the Turks. We are brothers, we are friends. Where is all this coming from? Iran is a very powerful Muslim country. They are not enemies, but friends of Islam. People shouldn’t pay any heed to these provocations. ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and others; they are all terror groups.

Eight million Iranians were martyred during the famine that took place in 1917-1918. During that time, Iran was under British occupation. A big part of the Iranian produce was sent to the colonial British Army in Southeast Asia. This is how they martyred eight million people in Iran.

They are seeking to spread anti-Iran sentiment, but we love Iran. We are friends with them. They are our brothers and sisters. No matter what you say or do, you won’t be able to separate us. We will be united with them. They plan to turn Iran and Turkey against each other, hoping that this way they can easily destroy all Muslims. This is a very sinister and dark plan. Iran is a very strong country and Turkey is a very strong country. We will give the lesson they need through love. We love Iran, the Iranian people and the Shia. They are all our friends.

May Allah make Iran stronger and successful. At the time of the Ottoman Empire the Shia, despite all the lies and deceptions of Lawrence of Arabia, fought alongside the Ottoman and completely routed the British at the vitory of Kut Al Amare.

Some of those deployed in Iraq and Syria are nothing but murderers disguised as Shia. They are communists collaborating with the PKK. True Shia would never carry out such atrocities. No irrationality would take place among the true Shia, The Shia are very sensible people. For instance, Ayetollah Sistani recently released a statement and declared that Sunnis and Shias are brothers and said: ‘You should never adopt a stance against our Sunni brothers’.

The next step should be Iran and Turkey allying and joining their forces as brothers. Since such an alliance will create two superpowers, it will almost be building the Islamic Union. If only Turkey and Iran joined forces, it would have done it. This is a plot to prevent the Islamic Union. Iran and Turkey should join without further ado.

Excerpt from Mr. Adnan Oktar’s conversation on December 16, 2016


ISIS is also Sunni. They claim to be Sunni. Then what if some people say, ‘ISIS is Sunni, so are Turks. So we are against Turkey now.’ Some of the Shia militia there are the ISIS of Iran. Just like ISIS is against Turkey, the British Deep State has built another ISIS against Shias and the name of that ISIS against Shia is the so-called Shia militia.

The British Deep State is dispatching them there. They are called Shia, but in truth they are all communists, Godless unbelievers. They are Stalinist terrorists. Don’t be fooled by their ID cards, which might read Shia. Anyway, they are called MI6 Shia. How are you falling for this?

We have been friends with Iran for centuries. We haven’t waged a single war in the past four centuries. In order to establish love, peace and brotherhood, the wisest step for us is to be friends with the strongest country of the Islamic world. It is what is required according to the Holy Qur’an. A Muslim cannot be an enemy of another Muslim. Allah says: ‘If two parties of the believers fight, make peace between them.’ (Surat al-Hujurat, 9). This is what we are doing right now, making peace. We are following the orders of Allah.

They are trying to drive an artificial wedge between us and Iran; they are trying to make us fight each other. This is a foolish British Deep State game. Some miscognizant people, willingly or unwillingly, fall into this trap. Mr. Ayatollah Khamenei has declared many times that those people were not Shia, that they were MI6 or MI5 Shia. At the moment, they are trying to make Muslims fight against each other, using Shia-Sunni differences.

Iran had been having difficult times due to sanctions and when they were lifted, they found relief. With the support of Turkey, Iran would get a huge economic boost. It would give both Turkey and Iran a huge economic relief. But, through inconceivably evil plans, they are trying to stop that from happening. You see how the attacks are taking place in Turkey at the moment. They are coming up with similar attacks in Iran. No one should fall into this trap.

The writer Adnan Oktar (aka Harun Yahya) has authored more than 300 books translated in 73 languages on politics, religion and science. He may be followed at @Harun_Yahya and