Airport Security Nab Egyptian Couple Hiding 5month-old baby in Baggage Scanner

The Couple

July 9, 2012

A couple was caught trying to smuggle their baby into the United Arab Emirates – when airport security staff spotted the five-month-old hidden in their luggage on a bag scanner.
The Egyptian husband and wife (pictured left) arrived at Sharjah International Airport on Friday night but were held at immigration as they did not have a visa for the newborn, according to Gulf News.
Officials allowed them to stay until the relevant office re-opened on the Sunday. But in their desperation, the couple decided to make a run for it when the staff changed at the end of their shift.
However, they still needed to get through Customs screening, so they put the baby into a bag and bundled him through the X-ray machine.
But their plan became unstuck when security staff noticed the outline of the body on the monitor.

Source:Gulf News