Aisha Buhari Berates Husband In Circulated BBC Hausa Radio Clip [LISTEN]

  • Says she does not know the people appointed and they did not participate in bringing in the Buhari government
  • “I am afraid of a rebellion of 15 million Nigerians who voted for Buhari”


In a two minute BBC Hausa program to be fully aired on Friday, the wife of Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari is heard berating her husband’s actions which she said are leading to disappointment and frustration.

In the short preview clip, Aisha Buhari is heard criticizing her husband for abandoning the real people who campaigned and fought for his election and appointing people who did nothing towards change. She said that of 50 appointees, only 5 fought for change. She responded to questions, that whether the president knew or not this is the reality. She stated her fears of a rebellion of the millions of masses who voted for president Buhari.

Listen to the audio below:


‘BBC:‘ Our listeners, before we continue, this is an announcement (interlude). It is almost 2 years since the inauguration of President Muhammadu Buhari administration. But some people are complaining that they do not understand which direction the government is facing. This same sentiment was expressed by the closest person to the President.

First Lady’s voice: “Some people have been dividing the heads (causing disunity) amongst the members of APC, and this is giving us problems at the moment. This is because many in the party feel they were the ones who worked for the emergence of the President, but they were nowhere to be found today. Those who did not undergo any trouble, those who do not even have voter’s card, are the ones sitting pretty well on top of everybody…What I am afraid for them is the rebellion of 15 million people… Whether the President know this or not, those who voted for him know. There is nothing I am going to tell him, after all, he can see. Of all the people he appointed, assuming they are 50, if you ask him; he didn’t know more than 5. Even me I don’t know them, and I have been with him (the President) for 27 years”.

Asked whether the President told her of his 2019 plans, the First Lady said she wasn’t told anything. “But I have already taken my own decision”, she said.

There has been increasing discontent with the policies and politics of the president of late with increasing sharp divisions in the nation and within the APC ruling party. Yorubas particularly have been quite upset, with the Tinubu Oyegun wars, more so with Buhari causing the entire Nigeria to stand with him against Senate president Bukola Saraki and then appearing to go behind everyone’s back to embrace the very same corrupt person.

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