Al Jazeera Journalist Cooking Stories Supporting Boko Arrested in Niger, Jailed, Released

June 18, 2013

NewsRescue-Yvonne Ndege, the Al Jazeera correspondent who has been repeatedly caught, desperately peddling false stories in support of Boko Haram, was detained, jailed and had her materials confiscated by the Niger government.

Yvonne and the Qatar monarch owned Al Jazeera network, have been caught mischievously and rather desperately peddling pro Boko Haram information and emo-journalism. Nigeria’s president on Monday called out some of their lies—claims that over 8000 Nigerian refugee’s had fled to Niger. The president described 98% of those who fled to Niger of being Nigeriens returning home and not Nigerians as Yvonne peddles. See: NewsRescueEmo-journalism: Qatar and Boko Haram—Analyzing the Al Jazeera 3000 Civilian Death Claim

PT- An Aljazeera correspondent, Yvonne Ndege, and her team have been released from a Niger jail after being held by authorities since Saturday.

Yvonne Ndege went with her crew – the camera operator, Romuald Luyindula; producer Mohammed Abubakar; and driver Rabiu Abdullahi; to Zinder in Southern Niger to get materials for a story on refugees.

They were detained by the Niger authorities at around 9:00 GMT on Saturday, questioned, and asked to hand over the materials.

“The four-person team was released late on Monday evening without charge to make way back to the border into Nigeria,” Kevin Kriedmann, a spokesperson of Aljazeera disclosed in a press release early Tuesday.

“Al Jazeera would like to thank everyone who was involved in trying to secure the release and safe return of their staff,” Mr. Kriedmann added.