Amnesty Int. Nigeria Asks Buhari, Osinbajo When They Will Obey The Court And Free Zakzaky, Mrs Zeenat

*Amnesty International Nigeria Tweets On The Illegal and Inhuman Detention of Sheikh Zakzaky:*

When will Nigerian govt. respect its courts and release Sheik Ibraheem El Zakzaky & his wife Malama Zeenah? #RuleofLaw #Fairness

#Nigerian govts deliberate disregard of orders of its own court demonstrates a flagrant – & dangerous – contempt for the rule of law.

Sheik El Zakzaky has been in detention since Dec. 2015 despite the fact that on Dec. 2, 2016 a court in Abuja ruled he be released.

The court described the detention of Sheik El Zakzaky which began in December 2015, as illegal and unconstitutional.#Justice #RuleofLaw

In January we issued a statement calling on #Nigerian govt. to immediately release Sheik El Zakzaky:

Is continued detention of Sheik El Zakzaky part of a wider effort to cover up the gruesome crimes committed by security forces in Zaria?

By protecting the rights of others you are protecting your own rights frm possible future violations.No one knows who can be the next victim

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