Amnesty Int. Writes New York Times On Buhari Human Rights Abuses As US Mulls Selling Nigeria Bombers

Nigeria's military this December killed over 1000 minority Muslims in a similar but unarmed civilian situation

To the Editor:

Re “Failure to Share Data Hampers African War on Boko Haram” (news article, April 24):

Concerns about information-sharing aside, the Nigerian military and government have been complicit in enough human rights abuses themselves to make them wholly unaccountable for addressing the threats posed by Boko Haram.

Amnesty International has reported on horrific abuses of power by the Nigerian military, including the massacre and cover-up of the deaths of hundreds of people in Zaria in December.

While passing reference is made to human rights abuses — which were cited as a critical holdup at first for United States security assistance — there is no discussion of the failure of President Muhammadu Buhari to make any progress on improving the conduct of the military.

Nor is there any mention of United States support for upholding the rule of law and good governance, whose lack is widely considered to have contributed to Boko Haram’s rise.

If the Nigerian military continues to enjoy impunity, logistical issues will be the least of the challenges in trying to defeat Boko Haram.


Advocacy Director

Amnesty International USA