“And No One Could Buy or Sell Without the Mark…”: “Unvaccinated French Citizens Unable to Buy Food!”

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In France the fight against mandatory vaccination continues as even the vaccinated stand in solidarity with the unvaccinated who are being shut out of everything including now buying food.

Crowds gathered outside and shouted “boo” at security agents as the unvaccinated were barred entry.

Jonathan Shuttlesworth @JDShuttlesworth
tweeted Thursday, as French protested outside a store:

“And no one could buy or sell without the mark…”

“Unvaccinated French citizens unable to buy food. The vaccine is not the Mark of The Beast, but it is setting up the infrastructure for its enforcement. Watch again”

The Bible verse Revelations 13:17 goes:

“so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.”

NIV https://biblehub.com/revelation/13-17.htm

While the vaccine being mandated for all social engagements is not believed to be the mark itself, skeptics fear that this process which has begun will lead up to implanted chips which will be touted as being necessary for monitoring immunity and infection, which will also follow the mandatory pattern and enable the powers that be to control and monitor the masses.

DARPA under the US Pentagon has already invented such chips.