Another FG Scam: Ultimatum and Threats of Violence Not in Our Character – Islamic Movement

Lt. Gen Ayatollah T. Yusuf Buratai says he is the defender of democracy


It has become expedient to make this clarification that the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) has never employed the use of ultimatum or the issuance of threats of violence in its entire four decades of existence to anyone, group or authority. This is not about to change. A recent media campaign allegedly claims that “ultimatum” was issued.

The security forces appear to be bent on carrying out series of attacks and subsequently attribute same to the IMN at the expiration of the alleged ultimatum so that they could achieve what they have so far failed to do, which is associate the peaceful campaigns to free Sheikh Zakzaky with violence in order to swing public opinion against the IMN and justify the December massacre. We are aware of this two-faced machination of the enemy to pretend they are working to free our leader while in fact they mean evil. They have kept Sheikh Zakzaky in incommunicado detention without access to his lawyers or medical attention while they claim to keep him in protective custody.

We wish to once again reject any suggestion of threats of violence in our name. IMN is not and will not be responsible for any breech of peace or violence that will result from any false-flag plots. We will continue to employ all lawful, legal and constitutional means to achieve our goals, and would not be blackmailed into submission or surrender. Our timely rallies, processions and campaign activities will continue as at when due and in our ways without fear of intimidation. We will also continue to seek redress in national and international courts of justice as we have done in the past nine months.

Finally, we use this opportunity to call all people of conscience to intensify pressure on the Nigerian regime to unconditionally release Sheikh Zakzaky for medical attention.




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