APC Must Never Debate With PDP


The thought of APC debating with PDP is appalling to say the least. It is simply wrong and any and every time one has seen the two engage in any type of tirade, we are disappointed in APC for missing its stride and stooping. Why should human being talk to animal? Who is inviting APC to debate? Is it Reuben Abati? The guy who criminally slandered the person of Buhari and after being sued had President Jonathan beg Buhari to settle the libel case out of court? Or is it Doyin Okupe sending the invite, that uncouth hooligan who was shouting deludedly in Aso rock recently. Seriously who is sending the invite? Is it the bunch of criminals or the bunch of murderers? Is it Ayo Fayose or Omisore? Is it Koro or Fani Kayode? Is the invitation coming from a launderer or a thieving rigging looter?

And then who is to be debated? Is it any of the members of that rotten stinking carcass as Fani Kayode rightfully categorized it? Is it the president? Unless the debate is about the right consequence to be meted on him for his crimes against humanity, whether it be impeachment first or handing over to the ICC; whether it should be life in prison or the gallows, what is to be spoken to this space occupying lesion?

It is an insult for PDP to ask APC for a debate. It is a betrayal of our consciences as people if APC ever honors such request. What is happening in Nigeria though taking the appearance of a democratic transfer of power is actually a REVOLUTION. Buhari is simply the vessel and flag bearer of the people’s revolution for change and the sacking of a system that has crippled them for decades. Buhari does not have the right to debase us by indulging criminals with a debate. APC members do not have the right and reason to drag themselves in the mud and insult us as a people by standing on the podium with criminals and murderers; with people who openly defend corruption and embrace stealing; with people who steal the money for our army and lead to the death of thousands of soldiers and defenseless citizens alike. With governments who cause loss of Nigeria’s territory and billions in economy losses of parts of the whole; with animals who defend Boko Haram and regard themselves as not part of the Nigerian total union; with land polluters; with terrorist protectors. Buhari may die in power, but Jonathan is killing us. Which do we prefer? There is nothing left to talk about. He has done 8 years in Aso rock; it is enough. It is time to return to Otueke. There is no debate in that.

Let us open the real debate: what punishment should be meted out on this bunch of shameless criminals? jail or the gallows?

Dr. Peregrino Brimah; http://ENDS.ng [Every Nigerian Do Something] Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian