If You Arrest Arewa Youth You Must Arrest Senator Ekweremadu, Others

Kanu with Senators Ekweremadu, Orji, Aribibe, others


I totally disagree with any deportment towards ejecting peoples who have come to live peacefully in any territory, however I am fully in support of the right of self determination as decided upon by the majority. This noted, as regards the recent posture of the federal and Kaduna state governments, there is once again a bent towards injustice which has always precluded needed peace in Nigeria.

The offense of the Arewa youth is the threatened expulsion of Igbos resident in the north. This is indefensible However Radio Biafra’s Nnamdi Kanu has made identical statements and much worse, actual actionable threats. IPOB’s assumed leader has not only made publicized statements directly threatening the ejection of Hausa-Fulani living in the east, he has encouraged the forced expulsion and murder of Muslims, Hausa and Fulani living in regions he claims as Biafran.

To my knowledge, Nnamdi Kanu has not denounced or otherwise disavowed his words of incitement. Deputy senate president Ike Ekweremadu standing in formation in a now quite public picture with the violent secessionist is an endorsement of him, his words and promoted actions. Others who endorsed Kanu as the image from May this year captures are senators Enyinnaya Abaribe, Theodore Orji, Mao Ohabunwa, Sam Egwu among others.

Kanu’s words of extreme hate include the statement:

“Every Eze that is a Muslim must be hounded out. They must leave our land. If they do not leave our land, they will be killed. They must leave our land and go to the North to stay.”

This statement and a longer list of his incisive statements by the inflammatory pro-Biafran fanatic can be found here: https://newsrescue.com/policeng-senators-ekweremadu-orji-s-east-officials-rally-round-kanu-guilty-violent-secession-attempt-hate-speech/

This piece is not focused on passing my judgement on Kanu who the state has the prerogative to repudiate or forgive in the interest of justice and peace, considering the fact that those in the current administration have made similar threats and carried out similar actions leading to loss of lives. It is necessary however to underline the necessity for justice in dealing with the current aggravations.

It is imperative that the Buhari government applies utter reason and justice in dealing with the current agitation in the country. Whatever is applied for Sheriff must be applied for Ike. Whatever harshness is promised Musa must be promised Uche, and where mercy is granted to Hamza, so also must it be granted to Nduka.

Without justice there can be no peace. Respect, especially of Nigeria’s quite hopeless, abundant youth and dialogue with them is of the essence. The influential and government officials must not be shielded from the strong arm of the law while the youth and the weak are harshly dealt with, or else anarchy will be inescapable.

Dr. Perry Brimah; @EveryNigerian; http://AdvanvedNigerian.com