As the World’s Animals Get Covid Vaccines, Bill Gates Begins to Look Like Biblical Noah or Something Else?

DORDRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS - FEBRUARY 15: Replica of Ark of Noah on February 15, 2014 in The Netherlands. Noah's Ark is an element of Noah story which is well known worldwide in multiple religions.
Lazy eyes listen


The news break of 13 gorillas getting Covid in the Atlanta zoo the week animals in the zoo had started being given Covid vaccines, brought to global attention the quiet fact that animals across America are also being jabbed!

Who authorized the jabbing of animals? Who makes such decisions? Was PETA informed? How many animals are getting the experimental Covid vaccines? There are too many questions.

Several studies from Israel, a nation that quickly vaccinated its population, have shown that natural immunity by far surpasses that from vaccines. Reporting on the latest study of 43,000 Israelis, Times of Israel said, there was a 27 time higher risk of breakthrough infections after the Pfizer jab than Covid penetrating those with natural immunity.

But now, animals are being jabbed. Who knows how many doses of their vaccines Big Pharma wants bought for how many millions or billions of animals.

Animals run out of Noah’s ark

Whatever the risks man is being put through, voluntarily or by mandate, the animals too are getting the same risk by fiat.

Savior or Demon

So Bill Gates, the poster child and shot-caller of the vaccines, the man who has major stocks in 8 major vaccine manufacturing pharmaceutical companies, who has directly and indirectly sponsored the WHO and almost all global health agencies and vaccine researchers involved in vaccine research and approval, and the man who wishes to cover the Sun to ‘protect the world from global warming,’ is beginning to look like who? No other than Noah of the Bible.

Is he here to save the world like Noah did or to depopulate it on the “long haul” as many fear? Time will tell the survivors. As of now, only one thing is certain. If Bill Gates’ reward is in heaven then he is getting two humongous rewards. Cuz his pockets are currently bursting from the Covid vaccine sales and related distribution tools’ landfall!