Biden’s already abysmal job approval rating sinks to new low in Gallup polling

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While President Joe Biden has been underperforming in Gallup’s job approval polls for some time, he has now dropped to a new low of just 38%.

According to a July 5-26 survey of adults in the United States, only 38% approve of how the president is handling his role, while 59% disapprove. While 13% strongly approve, 25% moderately approve, 45 percent strongly disapprove, and 14% moderately disapprove.

Only 78% of Democrats and 31% of independents approve of Biden’s handling of his role. While 30% of Democrats strongly approve, 48 percent approve moderately, 13% moderately disapprove, and 6% strongly disapprove. Furthermore, while 9% of independents strongly approve, 22% moderately approve, 20% moderately disapprove, and 43% strongly disapprove.

“Democrats were already facing a difficult environment in the midterm elections this fall as they sought to maintain their narrow majorities in the United States House of Representatives and Senate. Biden’s now-weaker approval raises their chances even more “Gallup took note.

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While Biden has stated that he intends to run for re-election as long as he remains healthy, he may face a difficult primary challenge if public opinion does not shift in his favor in the coming months.

According to a CNN poll, 75% of “Democrats/Democratic-leaning independents who are registered to vote” believe the Democratic Party should nominate someone other than Biden as its presidential nominee in 2024, while only 25% believe the party should nominate Biden.