Biden’s a Unifier: Yankees and Mets Fans Together Chant “F*@K Joe Biden,” College Students Also Do Same as US Unites the #FJB Way

Lazy eyes listen


Video emerged Saturday of baseball fans exiting Citi Field in New York, with BOTH Yankees and Mets fans coming together to boisterously chant “F*#k Biden”:

Yesterday too, September 12th there was a “F^5k Joe Biden” #FJB chant at Coastal Carolina University.

And another #FJB:

And Tennessee:

Virginia Tech:

Morgantown #FJB:

Earlier, on September 5th there was another unified chant at @OldRowAggies in Texas. It was one more of many taking over USA.

Somewhere else:

And at night:

Meanwhile it wasn’t only at sports events where Biden was admonished.

Biden was booed at the 9/11 memorial.

Trump however got “We love Trump” when he commentated at the Holyfield fight.

Trump was also warmly cheered during a surprise visit to NY Fired dept.

It’s not looking too good for Joe right about now. Hope he can find a “natural” event to turn the tides before it’s too late.