BLOODSHEDDING: Is the Devil from the North?

Mass killing in Nigeria's Kaduna state by takfiri Izala wahhabi youth

By Sani Bello,

Before colonization the Northern part of Nigeria was the most civilized region. The colonial masters did not teach the Northerners how to wear cloths, like they taught the Southerners. The North have a system of governance, clothes, chain of interaction and trading with Asian countries…. hundreds of years before the arrival of the colonial gods.

But all that is history now, the NORTH has gradually become a home for the most foolish and most ignorant people in Nigeria today. A place where the blood of a cow is more valuable than that of a human being.

We have many brainwashed ignorant and gullible who can be easily manipulated to carry weapons and kill their fellow people at a slightest provocation or by a simple incitement. We are living in a region where a long bearded Sheikh (Clergy) can easily incite the youths to unleash mayhem anytime he wishes.

A case study:These agents of Lucifer calling themselves Sheikhs are taking advantage of the ignorant Northerners using a false pretext that Shi’a are insulting the companions of the Holy Prophet(s). That the companions of the Holy Prophet(s) are like the Holy Prophet himself(s), so insulting them is same as insulting the Holy Prophet(s). (Which is a blatant lie) This is the main reason behind the extreme hatred towards the Shiites in the North.

If a Northerner because of mere ideological differences can be exterminated, then what more of a Southerner or a Christian? Ignorance begets the extreme hatred, and so humanity and common sense have become rare in the North. That is what become of my region now. Bloodthirsty creatures have taken over the land. Bloodshedding is becoming a normal way of life in my region today. Abundant human resources is wasting. What a pity.

These set of criminals lack every sense of humanity, they are mostly neither adding value to their family, nor the society, nor even being useful to themselves in any way. They are mostly looking for a slightest opportunity to vent out their life’s frustration on anyone they can reach out to. Religious leaders that are supposed to guide them right, are the same persons using them negatively to fight their own selfish sectarian war as mentioned above.

Through the false campaign they incites extreme hatred towards Shi’a adherent in the heart of these ignorant youths who would not bother to verify what they were told. They only wait for a slightest opportunity to kill and loot Shiites properties thinking that they are fighting a Holy war.

Those Long bearded Sheikhs are threatened by the rapid growth of Shi’a in the North, because Shi’a ideology is snatching away their followers on a daily basis. No right thinking person will support bloodshed. Northern Muslims are embracing Shia ideology in mass because of its peaceful composition. Shi’a ideology does not support, encourage or approve violence in every way.

On the contrary, Shi’a ideology consider every human blood as sacred and must not be spilled outside the law. Shi’a believes in the brotherhood in humanity. Religion is for our Creator to Judge, and not Man. However, Shi’a encourages activism in a great way, opposing oppression in every legitimate manner, which is somehow alien to Northern norms of worshipping politicians. They accused Shi’a of carrying out peaceful protests frequently which many Northerners failed to understand that it is within the constitutional and human rights of every citizen.

The Northern politicians, just like those devil agents of disunity also considers Shi’a as a threat to their safe haven manner of looting and fooling the gullible. They are afraid that when the masses realizes the power of protest, that will be the end of corruption in Nigeria. So, they equally hide behind a false pretext of road blockade and killed over a thousand Shiites in Zaria unjustly and dumped their bodies in mass grave. Those Northerners who considers Shiites as infidels jubilate openly, they were happy that Buhari had done what they were looking for opportunity to do. (bloodshedding). That is why you see many northerners supporting this government despite the glaring failure, suffering and hunger that this regime has brought to Nigerians. The Devil is surely in full control of the Northern Nigeria.

For almost forty years of practice Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers have never take the life of any Nigerian. But some Northerners are hell-bent wickedly persecuting Shiites and satanically attributing violence to Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers without a single proof to support the allegations. This is as a result of the venomous hatred instilled in their minds about Shi’a followers. God is watching!

It is after realizing the lies and baseless allegations against Shiites that many of us embrace the peaceful path of righteousness. I pray to Allah to help me become a better Shi’a adherent who will continue spreading the word of truth, carrying the message of peace to all that care to listen. I don’t want to die with a blood stains of any Man hanging on my neck.

What I’m sure about is that nobody can intimidate us into arms struggle no matter the persecution. We talk, we spread knowledge and not violence.

For us are our deeds, and for you are your deeds. Live and let us live in peace. Allah did not create us to kill each other.

# FreeZakzaky