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June 18, 2012


NewsRescue[Op-ed] In the aftermath of the unfortunate bombings and sporadic attacks that took place in Damaturu the Yobe State capital and environs on the last Sallah Day, the Embassy of the United States in Nigeria hastily put out a public statement declaring that such like bombings should be expected in three well known hospitality establishments in Abuja the nation’s capital.

To discerning observers not only did that score high marks for bad manners as that was hardly what a nation still grieving and coming to terms with its losses expected from a supposedly friendly nation, but that the US embassy was being economical with information on what it actually knew about the incident, and more significantly, the role the US government itself has been playing in the whole gamut of acts of destabilization against Nigeria.

We have already been regaled with reports provided by the Wikileaks which identified the US embassy in Nigeria as a forward operating base for wide and far reaching acts of subversion against Nigeria which include but not limited to eavesdropping on Nigerian government communication, financial espionage on leading Nigerians, support and funding of subversive groups and insurgents, sponsoring of divisive propaganda among the disparate groups of Nigeria and the use of visa blackmail to induce and coerce high ranking Nigerians into acting in favour of US interests.

But beyond what we know from the Wikileaks report, what many Nigerians do not know is that US embassy’s subversive activities in Nigeria fits into the long term US government’s well camouflaged policy of containment against Nigeria the ultimate goal of which is to eliminate Nigeria as a potential strategic rival to the US in the African continent.

Today as Nigerians are reeling from the negative effects of the insurgency that has befallen our dear country and earnestly seeking answers to what all this portends for the future, the GREENWHITE COALITION a citizen’s watchdog can reveal the true nature of this silent, undeclared war of attrition waged against Nigeria by the Government of United States of America.



ACRI stands for Africa Crises Response Initiative and it was set up during the Bush Jnr Administration as a counterweight to the Nigeria led ECOWAS Monitoring Group on the Liberian Civil War or ECOMOG as it is more popularly known.

ACRI came to being from the secret reports and recommendations separately by the Africa-America Institute and the Brookings Institute commissioned by the Central Intelligence Agency, the American Government’s Directorate responsible for organizing foreign subversive activities, on the Liberian civil war and the intervention of ECOMOG.

Both reports zeroed in on the pivotal role Nigeria was playing in the ECOMOG initiative and noted pointedly the phenomenal success recorded by ECOMOG in containing the Liberian crisis without any significant role or intervention from any of the major western powers including the United States.

The report concluded that should ECOMOG be allowed to go the whole hog, the major beneficiary will be Nigeria and that might form the basis for a pax Nigeriana in the West African sub-region eclipsing the influence of former colonial powers France and Britain.

The reports also called on the United States Government to note that Liberia being its creation should not be allowed to fall into Nigerian hands with consequences to US strategic interests in the country and the region. Specifically both reports noted that should Nigeria be allowed to have a foothold in Liberia, it will further embolden Nigeria to challenge the US and the West in carving its own sphere of interest at their expense.

In this regard, the report further recalled Nigeria’s role in helping to liberate the southern African countries in the 70’s and 80’s in clear opposition and defiance to the interests of the United States and its western allies which resulted in setback for Western initiatives in Africa at the time.

Both concluded with a recommendation that the US Government in conjunction with its allies should seek to contain the growing influence of Nigeria in the sub-region by forming a parallel organization to ECOMOG. But in order not to unduly alarm and antagonize Nigeria which the report admitted still had considerable influence in the region, the US government was advised to go about this using quiet diplomacy.

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During the secret congressional hearing organized to consider the reports by both institutes on Nigeria’s role in the ECOMOG, the interagency team comprising representatives from the CIA, Pentagon and State Department formed to push the case, endorsed the recommendation that Nigeria be kept out of the alternate arrangements on Liberia that was being proposed.

The strategy was to win away some key African countries from participation enthusiastically in the ECOMOG initiative. The sweeteners for this were the promise and delivery of military and humanitarian aid. This was the line the then US Secretary of State Warren Christopher pursued when he visited a number of African countries excluding Nigeria to sell the ACRI idea.

Thus ensued, the stalemate in ECOMOG operations with some of the participating countries foot dragging in their commitment to the force and operations. On the diplomatic front, the US along with its allies namely Britain and France using the engineered stalemate as cover, proceeded to sell the idea that the ECOMOG initiative needed to be reviewed and given a new direction.

The US and its allies then argued that the intervention of outside powers such as the US and its western allies was the tonic needed to move the ECOMOG operation forward. But in order to prevent any worldwide backlash against this blatant interference in what should be a regional African initiative, the US and its allies sought to present it under the auspices of the United Nations with a select Asian and Latin American countries participating.

By the time the tallies were counted, the US had achieved the one objective of all the diplomatic and strategic maneuvers; the containment of Nigeria led ECOMOG initiative to resolve the Liberian Crises.

It was on the platform of this surreptitious American intervention in the Liberian crisis that the US Africa Command or AFRICOM was formed.

African Crises Response Initiative and the new African Security (Dis)order {AJPS}

Unlike its precursor, the ACRI which sought to disguise US intentions in Africa particularly as it pertains to Nigeria under the cloak of multilateral humanitarian intervention, AFRICOM which came to being on October 1, 2008 is clearly programmed to serve US military-strategic interests especially with regards to the ever expanding global reach and influence of China in direct competition with the United States.

In response to the growing influence of a rapidly expanding industrial China in Africa, the goal of AFRICOM is to seize key strategic areas in Africa and bring them under US control in order to block China’s access to vital energy and mineral resources for its expanding economy. But to effectively carry this out, such African countries of strategic importance must first of all be weakened internally and made to feel so vulnerable that they would have to inevitably seek US protection or intervention. A spur to this interventionist programme provides that any targeted African country that does not see the wisdom or resists the need to seek US “protection” will then have to suffer dismemberment with the pliant area carved out of the supposedly hostile area and given US “protection”.

We have seen this happen in the great lakes area where US Special Forces have been deployed ostensibly to protect the countries there from so-called insurgents who in the first place were sponsored by the same US. In Sudan we have seen how a blanket cover of international humanitarian cries orchestrated by the United States on the so-called Darfur crisis served as a prelude to the dismemberment of Sudan to punish the government of El-Bashir for daring to conclude oil deals with the Chinese to the detriment of American companies.

We have also seen how Libya and Gaddafi was put to the sword for daring to sidetrack American oil interests. {See: NewsRescueThe NATO “liberated” Libya Terror “tidal wave” over North Africa} But the greatest prize for AFRICOM and its goal to plant a PAX AMERICANA in Africa would be when it succeeds in the most strategic African country, NIGERIA. This is where the raging issue of BOKO HARAM and the widely reported prediction by the United States Intelligence Council on the disintegration of Nigeria by 2015 comes into perspective.

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From the 1st October 2010 bombing that rocked Abuja till date Nigeria seems to be locked in a vice like grip of a growing and intractable insurgency manifested in bombings of public places and sporadic attacks on public institutions resulting in the loss of scores of lives and destruction of properties. Predictably there has been a discernible growth in panic and tension in the country and not a few people are beginning to think that perhaps the country seems headed inevitably for a long drawn insurgency leading to a split. With the exception of the 1st October 2010 bombing incident, a shadowy group which goes by the name Boko Haram has laid claim to most of the subsequent bombings that have occurred in the country.

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The seemingly intractable nature of the Boko Haram outrage has prompted a lot of questions from Nigerians. What really is this Boko Haram thing and what are their grievances if any? Why have they chosen to remain faceless in spite of the devastating effects of their activities on the psyche of the nation, and entreaties from Nigerian authorities to come forward for negotiations? Why are they able to perpetrate their attacks with relative ease and why has there not been a single clue at the scene of their acts to lead to them?

For sure, Nigerians are not unused to sectarian violence.  But the ones we have witnessed in this country have been predictable and the modus and fault lines have been well known to the authorities who have always done well to keep them within tolerable limits.

The Boko Haram of Mohammed Yussuf which predated this new one can be so categorized and was well known through its operations, leadership and locations.

But how did a ragtag collection of largely half literate unsophisticated persons operating mostly on Okada transform literally overnight to being able to design, manufacture and deploy bombs in buildings and in vehicles costing in excess of a million naira and carry out attacks in several locations around the country?

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How have their reach grown from just a corner of Nigeria to virtually everywhere in the country? For them to be able to mount such a sophisticated operation, they must necessarily have a well structured command and control system which in spite of their best efforts at concealment cannot remain undetected for long. So how have they seemingly defied the best efforts of combined security agencies in the country in detecting and foiling their activities?

The GREENWHITE Coalition can reveal that the current Boko Haram campaign is a covert operation organized by the American Central Intelligence Agency, CIA and coordinated by the American Embassy in Nigeria.

For some time now, the CIA has been running secret training and indoctrination camps along the porous and vulnerable borderlands of Niger, Chad and Cameroon. At these camps youths from poor, deprived and disoriented backgrounds are recruited and trained to serve as insurgents. The agents who supply these youth lure them with the promise of better life and work of Allah and further indoctrinated to believe they are working to install a just Islamic order from the ungodly one that currently holds sway in Nigeria.

The American CIA programme officers of this project prudently remain in the background, living the day to day running of the camps to supervisors of Middle Eastern origin specially recruited for this purpose. After several months of indoctrination and training on weapons handling, survival tactics, surveillance and evasion techniques, the insurgents are now put on stand by for the next phase of the operation.

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The next phase of the operations involves the identification and selection of the targets which had already been mapped out by the American Embassy. If buildings are the targets for attack, the weapons and technical equipment to be used are kept in safe houses.

The countdown to the attack involves ferrying of the insurgents and quarantine at safe houses for the H hour. After the attack, in the ensuing panic, the insurgents make their escape into safe houses to dispose the weapons and disappear and dissolve later into the local population. The technical angle of sending out e-mails and messages of responsibility for the attack to the media in the name of Boko Haram is done through secure telecoms equipment by the American programmers of the operation which can hardly be traced.

If the selected target is to be bombed by an IED, the building is cased for days and the devise inserted when security is lax. The devise is then detonated by an in-built timing mechanism or by a hand held detonator some distance away from where the bomb is placed. If on the hand, the attack is to be carried out by a suicide bomber, the person to carry it out would have been severely drugged with CIA manufactured LSD to disorientation. In his state of mind he would have no clue as to what he is programmed to do having been turned into a veritable human robot.


It is neither a coincidence nor guesswork that the National Intelligence Council of the United States Government estimated that Nigeria will disintegrate by the year 2015. The whole report actually is a coded statement of intentions on how using destabilization plots the US plans to eventually dismember Nigeria.

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The whole goal of the destabilization campaign is to ensure that Nigeria is weakened internally by intractable crises leading up to 2015 when the next general elections are expected to come up. By that year there will be so much mutual suspicion among Nigerians that the elections itself might not hold or if they did at all will set the stage for a full rapture of the Nigerian state. By its calculation and design, the Nigerian state will be so fractious by then; it will be fully ripe for intervention and break up. It is in actualization of this plan that the US strategic planners on Nigeria have devised a three stage plan of implementation.

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Stage 1: Pakistanizing Nigeria

With the scourge of Boko Haram as an existential reality, in the coming months the spate of bombings and attacks on public buildings are likely to escalate. High value symbolic targets like churches, mosques and large congregations of people of both faiths will be targeted.

There will also be escalation in provocative statements and incitements by groups to violence. For good measure and effect, the bombings and attacks will be staged on days of observance of religious activities.

The goal is to exacerbate tension and mutual suspicion among adherents of the two faiths in Nigeria and leading to sectarian violence.

This pattern of destabilization operation is taken out of the Pakistani manual of destabilization where a sustained spate of CIA sponsored bombings and sectarian violence stretched the ability and resources of the law and order agencies to cope rendering the country weak and vulnerable to foreign intervention.

Stage 2: Internationalizing the Crisis

Having the set the stage for an intractable sectarian violence pitting Christians against Muslims and between the various disparate groups in the country, there will be calls from the United States, European Union and United Nations for a halt to the violence. A plethora of advocacy groups around the world will struggle for the photo opportunity to mouth concerns about the carnage and humanitarian catastrophe. They will try to make a great show of providing humanitarian aid. For effect, there will be carpet bombing coverage by the International media on the Nigerian crisis with so-called experts discussing all the ramifications who will strive to create the impression that only benevolent foreign intervention could resolve the crisis.

There will be a deluge of international conferences at various capitals around the world all ostensibly aimed to save Nigerians from themselves. Meanwhile away from all the public flurry of activities, the US which initiated the crisis in the first place will be secretly drawing up plans to carve out Nigeria for its strategic and economic benefits.

Stage 3: the Great Carve out under UN Mandate

Following worldwide outrage at the scale of carnage resulting from all out war among various sections of Nigeria secretly induced by the United States and its allies, the stage will now shift to the United Nations where debates will take place on how the world body will work to resolve the crisis.

There will be proposals first for an international peace keeping force to intervene and separate the warring groups and or for a UN mandate for various parts of Nigeria to come under mandated occupying powers. Of course behind the scenes the US and its allies would have secretly worked out which areas of Nigeria to occupy guided as it were by naked economic interests.

It is trite really which power or powers eventually occupies Nigeria for whatever reasons. By the time the UN comes to take a decision to hand over Nigeria for occupation under its mandate, no part of Nigeria will emerge or profit truly from the exercise. The rump areas of Nigeria will all come under occupation and puppet governments will then be set up at the behest of the occupying powers. Nigeria’s fall will be like that of humpty-dumpty, into pieces beyond recognition.

The main beneficiary will of course be the United States which started all this in the first place and which will be there to profit at the end. By engineering the break up of Nigeria, the United States would have eliminated a potential continental rival paving the way to the institution of a Pax Americana in Africa and secondly it would have limited its main global strategic rival China from direct access to badly needed energy and other mineral resources on the resource rich African continent.


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Against this background Nigerians need to stop and ask critical questions; what real purpose does it serve to deliberately leak a supposedly classified report from a US Intelligence organ normally restricted to only a handful of US policy makers only, to the media and for good measure ensure its wide circulation in the country against whom the action is targeted? Does that not indicate a statement of intent by the country that originated the report to serve as psychological intimidation for the purpose of softening up the targeted country making it ripe for intervention?

In any routine investigation of an act, investigators usually call in the statements of material witnesses before or after the act whether deliberately uttered or inadvertently; does the statement by the United States National Intelligence Council on the break up of Nigeria in 2015 not amount to culpability in this regard especially in view of the escalation in the seemingly intractable acts of subversive violence taking place in Nigeria after that statement was released and also in view of US antecedents in matters such as this around the world?

Why is it that a country which has always been known for its resilience and ability to resolve its problems without outside interference? Is this not indicative of the very Nigerian saying that the witch cried in the night and the child died in the morning?

Why is someone somewhere hell bent on engineering Nigerians to form the unNigerian habit of harbouring and perpetrating desperate, extreme and unforgiving actions against themselves?

Should we all 160million of us stand idly by and allow the United States achieve its selfish and diabolical aim of sowing discord in our country leaving us with widows, orphans and humanitarian problems as it has done in other places? Are we going to allow the labour of our heroes past which bequeathed us a nation second to none and reputed to be the backbone of Africa to die in vain?

From Vietnam to Iraq to Afghanistan and Latin America, America’s track record around the world has been nothing but ugly. In the words of its own statesmen, America has no permanent friends but permanents interests which translate into a healthy and utter disregard to the sensitivities and interests of other countries. That has pretty much formed the basis of US interaction around the world. The same situation will play itself out if we allow them in to our country.

Nigerians let us stop and think before we allow the big bad wolf in, for we will have nobody but ourselves to blame when our chickens start to get missing.

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A few Posers;

He is one of America’s top Foreign Service officers and in the parlance of the State Department, an “old Africa hand”. Do you know that Terence P. McCulley, the current United States Ambassador to Nigeria was one of the architects of the Africa Crisis Response Initiative, ACRI which sought to undermine Nigeria’s involvement in ECOMOG?

Do you also know that he was also among the prominent resource persons that worked on establishing AFRICOM?

Do you also know that Ambassador McCulley’s alternate designation is State Department Coordinator of the AFRICOM from which position he is to diplomatically sell and smoothen the way for the entry of AFRICOM into Nigeria?

Do you know too that his main brief as Ambassador to Nigeria is to coordinate activities of the United States Government using the convenient cover of the Embassy of the United States in Nigeria?

Do you also know that the full classified report by the United States National Intelligence Council on the possible break up of Nigeria which parts were only selectively released contains details of how the US plans to carry out this desired end?

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The full details of the bombing of the UN Building in Abuja; who did it and how it was done.

You might also need to know real mission of the so-called foreign security experts who came to “investigate” the bombing. Did they really come to investigate the incident and provide the details of their actual findings to Nigerian authorities or their real brief was mop up any stray evidence from the bombing site in order to obscure the involvement of those who sponsored the act?

The US Embassy in Nigeria operates a network of so-called safe houses all over Nigeria from where it runs various subversive operations including electronic intelligence, surveillance, planning and carrying out of covert operations in Nigeria.

We will provide details of the locations and addresses of such safe houses in Nigeria in the next GREENWHITE COALITION Report.


The GREENWHITE COALITION as the name implies, is inspired from the colours of the Nigerian flag and has set out to rally Nigerians to the flag in defence of the greater interest of the Nigerian nation in the face of plans by the United States to destroy our country and our future. It is a citizen’s volunteer watchdog made up of Nigerians of all ethnic groups and religious persuasions who are alarmed at the dark plans of the United States of America to break up our dear country. We have taken it upon ourselves to spare no effort to expose and thwart the United States Government from carrying out its diabolical plans in Nigeria. For this we are dedicated to ferreting out information and plan counter actions against any untoward moves by the United States Government in Nigeria. In this endeavour we are fortunate to count on the support of well placed functionaries of the United States Government and other highly informed sympathizers who supply us with valuable inside information on the intentions of the United States Government as it affects Nigeria. These persons are themselves alarmed and appalled by the fact that the Government machinery of the United States has been hijacked by rogue elements denying the vast majority of American citizens their fundamental constitutional rights as envisaged by the founding fathers of America. Needless to say that these persons among who are those who served America diligently are aghast at the foreign policy of the American government which purports to act in protection of the American people but in reality protects the corrupt corporate elements that have taken America and Americans hostage.

In the coming days and months the GREENWHITE COALITION will manifest in many ways legally in the Nigerian public domain in its efforts to prevent our country from coming under the American boot. This write up is the first in the series. Many more will come with pinpoint expose of the American Government plans against Nigeria. The United States Government is hereby put on notice; we will not allow our women to be turned to widows and our children orphans as in Iraq, and elsewhere. We will not be turned to refugees at the mercy of so-called humanitarian charities. Nigeria must take its place under the sun.

ILIYASU GADU [email protected]

The views expressed in this article belong to the author and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of NewsRescue

On behalf of the GREENWHITE COALITION; -igbofocus

Written December, 2011




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    Audufre 18 June, 2012 at 11:32 Reply

    i wish you face the substance and stop chasing shadow. from all you ve written, your attack is mainly on the US govt. you should start writing more on the solutions that yield positive result and not report that tend to destabilize the mind of people.

  2. Avatar
    Aliyu Mohammed 18 June, 2012 at 15:19 Reply

    It’s amazing how some pople are be-clouded by sentiments and self ego. Greenwhite, my prayer is with you. May God give you the courage and wisdom to keep doing your fatherland this great service. I,ve for long faulted and questioned the US govt motive for that disintergration report. If truth be told, it ought to have been a secret document for the consumption of Nigeria govt alone, and not for the general public.
    I believe and still do that God has been favouring Nigeria in no small masure. We pray He see Us through this time bomd planted by our enemies and make their effort futile, expose Oh God for all to see.

  3. Avatar
    Gidadotukur 18 June, 2012 at 17:00 Reply

    While I accept the hands of the ‘WEST’, specifically the CIA in our present predicament, it must be stated that there is/are Nigerian sponsor(s) that aids and abets them to destroy us!

  4. Avatar
    Sylvanusned 19 June, 2012 at 14:05 Reply

    Rubbish. In what area is Nigeria going to rival the US on the African continent. The people know us more than we know ourselves. Boko Haram and those northern Hausa/Fulani political/military/traditional rulers are hand in gloves and America knows this than Greenwhite coalition knows. It’s “ONE NIGERIA” when they rule or there should be “NO NIGERIA” when they are not ruling. Greenwhite can’t you understand that? If America will help us to disintegrate even before the 2015 since GEJ does not want to do it, is a welcome development.

    • Avatar
      Abubakar Bichi 29 June, 2012 at 16:19 Reply

       this is a myopic thinking Sylva; be broadminded and reasonable in your faculty of reasoning. Let the Nigerian people irrespective of region, tribe or religion unite and find solution to their problems. Showing accusing fingers and sentimental statements and actions will not take us to the promise land. May God protect us and our beloved country from our internal and external enemies, ameen.

  5. Avatar
    Nnoruka Udechukwu 19 June, 2012 at 14:28 Reply

    Actually this is nonsense. 50 years after independence we still have fellows who will make a living by  blame every ill in Nigeria on some foreign power. The Farouk Lawan and the National Assemble show of shame which we have just been entertained to is probably, by this stupid storyline, also an American plot to destabilize  Nigeria.  These charlatans must stop this idiocy.     

  6. Avatar
    Sunos 19 June, 2012 at 18:48 Reply

    All you have done is incite a conversation with absolute zero reference, quotes, or interview with anybody that matter whether is your so-called accused person or persons within the country in question. Granted, you have put up a conspiracy theory and an argument that is sellable based on your impression of the country on you r topic.

    Next time you decide to attack the rest of the world about the issues facing Nigeria, take a good look at the problem faced by the citizens. Why using the same passionate appeal in this article, I recommend or suggest that any resolve to ever present problem like, good drinking water, roads, electricity, budget to turn educational system around (not suggesting that it is bad), raising productive citizen, providing environment where citizens can attain their goals, judicial system and police department and the list goes on. After you do that, you may capture the attention of real patriotic Nigerians who want to see their country live to it’s true meaning. This is not a critic of your passion for your country, but a mention of some few problem solving solution that may prevent outside interference in the stronghold of a nation.

  7. Avatar
    Sunos 19 June, 2012 at 18:48 Reply

    All you have done is incite a conversation with absolute zero reference, quotes, or interview with anybody that matter whether is your so-called accused person or persons within the country in question. Granted, you have put up a conspiracy theory and an argument that is sellable based on your impression of the country on you r topic.

    Next time you decide to attack the rest of the world about the issues facing Nigeria, take a good look at the problem faced by the citizens. Why using the same passionate appeal in this article, I recommend or suggest that any resolve to ever present problem like, good drinking water, roads, electricity, budget to turn educational system around (not suggesting that it is bad), raising productive citizen, providing environment where citizens can attain their goals, judicial system and police department and the list goes on. After you do that, you may capture the attention of real patriotic Nigerians who want to see their country live to it’s true meaning. This is not a critic of your passion for your country, but a mention of some few problem solving solution that may prevent outside interference in the stronghold of a nation.

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    makanjuola adigun muhammed 21 June, 2012 at 10:28 Reply

    this article could be said to have been sponsored by those who laid the foundation to the inevitable dissolution of the nigerian is not the west who instructed successive nigerian leadership not to provide mordern developments via avalability of scientific and technological framework.economic,political and social religious contradiction have always being the instruments of creating a stratify leadership and fellowership relationships and that is what have brruoght nigeria to this point of reality to your tents oh isreal

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    Joeikibeh 21 June, 2012 at 11:08 Reply

    God is interested in Nigeria. He will not allow His glory to be taken by some groups of idiots in whatever guise. His will must and will be done in Nigeria. Lord, please have your way and fight this battle for us. In you we trust!

  10. Avatar
    Abdulmalik 21 June, 2012 at 12:44 Reply

    Our people has a saying that if the wall is not cracked the lizard cant enter in, in other words it take some unpatriotic,selfish & greedy Nigerians 4 d infiltration 2 b sucessful.

  11. Avatar
    Carl Zeto 21 June, 2012 at 15:18 Reply

    Great write up .. and as usual the ignorance of most ordinary folks (black and white) is laid bare in the response .. The west has oodles to gain from a destabilized Nigeria (sale of weapons, easy access to cheaper minerals, dilution/removal of Nigeria as a potential influential counter to their interests to enslave Africa .. a country that they cannot guarranttee 100% they will be able to keep ruling via puppets like GEJ, and many other reasons)  

    Those Nigerians clamouring for the breakup of Nigeria are just victims of the mind games being played against Nigerians and all Africans .. a united nigeria is a huge market that is bound to be wealthy .. as long as we can commit to removing the western puppets (IBB, OBJ, GEJ are all puppets) as long as they force them on us .. 

  12. Avatar
    Tunde Biade 21 June, 2012 at 16:16 Reply

    We must move and move intelligently, prepared ourselves and create channels all over Western city’s where Nigerians, are many, link ourselves to stage and inform the Western media, on the nefarious, activities and objectives of the United States of America, to provoke the breaking of Nigeria.

    Also, I will say, that this is the time the government , the public private Nigerians and the ethnic nationalities that are the constituents of Nigeria, should now come to the drawing table to discuss the staggering problems, that is affecting our national unity, and have effective dialogue, not bias, but of mutual concern and move Nigeria forward. 

  13. Avatar
    Nyakno willie 21 June, 2012 at 17:31 Reply

    only  the God Almighty knows the truth about the Nigeria`s problem.

    I believe one day Nigerians will know the truth and the truth

    shall set us free from all our present situations.

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    Carsonv 28 June, 2012 at 07:16 Reply

    This article explains the Boko Haram issue on one of the likely sources…The US Involvement! One can still argue that the US made the prediction based on the then current spate of violence that heralded the elections. It must have argued that since such violence followed the initial election of GEJ, worse things would ensure by 2015. And also based on the threat by the forum led by Ciroma that they’d make the nation ungovernable for the foru years. These data can lead one to the conclusion of a split. Someone might still argue that Ciroma and his group of elders are behind the violence by ‘Boko Haram’. And that would still be speculative until the real truth comes out backed with proof. Nice show of rhetoric prowess!

  15. Avatar
    Patrickdowleone 2 July, 2012 at 21:40 Reply

    this is total rubbish,all this are jargons we are matured and intelligent ppl u can not brainwash us with all this trash.boko haram is against anything western how come will usa be sponsoring them pls stop spreading rubbish

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    Ochinopa 4 July, 2012 at 15:00 Reply

    How indepth was your research to unearth these capital  allegations against the US? Please, provide more ample facts in order to win hard nuts like my humble slf. If your enterprise is guided by genuine patriotism, may Allah prosper your course.

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    Joneswalter 7 July, 2012 at 14:04 Reply

    American we love you we the southern Nigeria mostly South south & south East. we are calling on you people not to waste more time to come & dissolve this concocted corruption called Nigeria. Is only Nigeria left to be dissolved out of other nations Britain forced together. I knew America is aware of this, Britain handed over to the Muslim north in 1960, now the Muslim north is using much money the made from the oil in the east to sponsor terrorism which is international crime against humanity. Mutalab who attempted to bomb the aircraft on 26 December from UK to America is from the north the son of northern xbanker. Obama am pleading you to come & establish American force base in South South or South East Nigeria with this we will help to nail terrorism on the board in the west Africa. In God we trust we can no longer wait, we the Biafrans will be happy to be a slave under American care than Iranian Muslim extremist using northern Muslim to terrorize us. We the Eastern region our hands & heart are open to welcome America & we will protect your economical & political interest. God bless America. .

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      Femi 19 July, 2012 at 10:11 Reply

      Why do you need to call on the Americans to come and separate you from the so called terrorized Northern Nigeria? Instead of waiting for a day that may take a long time to come, start by advising your brothers living in the north to leave the north, and since you have the control of the federal government,advise it to stop all transactions with the north.

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    Kola 22 July, 2012 at 00:27 Reply

    Surely Joneswalter is not a Nigerian, otherwise he MUST be a BASTARD. Well it is clear he is not a Nigerian but a biafran .

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    sanusi 22 July, 2012 at 18:06 Reply

    What the writer is talking is the truth. America is a mischief maker, all out to capture colonies, especially those territories rich in resources. Jones Walter should know this, putting aside all sentiments. By the time they are finished with us, God forbid, then he would see the reality. he will see the devil in them.

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    babsladan 6 August, 2012 at 16:59 Reply

    i am very happy to come across such a topic, of my interest becose its very sad a country Nigeria waiting for US to intervene on its activities. and for my fellow southerner Nigeria is highly integrate to be break up just like that, its not possible and i dont think it will work. every one is aware of Biafran war, its very sad many casualties. please we the northerners don’t want that to happen. if we want to this integrate let do it peacefully like the way it was done in Sudan.

  21. Avatar
    olumuyiwa success 8 August, 2012 at 14:05 Reply

    its a big shame for somebody who call himself a Nigerian to be calling on America to come and facilitate separation in Nigeria.its now obvious that even some of our brothers from the south south and Especially south east (biafrans) do not want the integration of this country because of, personal and selfish reason or interest.this man has released an information in which i think a reasonable person will ponder upon and wonder why is all this happening as at the time America has predicted and with all the backing of how America intend to truncate and tarnish the leadership role Nigeria is playing in African country’s as a Big not saying what Jones Walter has published is 100% right,what am saying is that we should ponder on it and if possible make research and investigate.and for our brothers in the south east and south south calling for separation in this country,i think you should think twice because this will not happen. because, some group of people cannot separate this county because of their own personal and selfish interest, and off cause i know that this not the plan of GOD for Nigeria. and for the so called boko haram i want you all to know that your days are numbered in this country and the anger of GOD will soon come upon you all,your sponsors and your well wishers in JESUS NAME AMEN.

    • Avatar
      biafra 23 August, 2012 at 23:30 Reply

      how i wish u were once a victim (directly or indirectly) of the killings in the north of which the majority have been igbos.

  22. Avatar
    Supo Adedokun 10 August, 2012 at 00:49 Reply

    Recall sir, the prediction by Foreign Relations Council in US that Nigeria is on the way to break-up by the year 1915. In my view and observed nature of the US, it is doing all this to make its prediction come true. In the strategic policy of the US, they will form an alliance with the devil they detested in fighting a third party they marked for destruction.
    Remember that US worked with Gaddafi against Al-Queada in Libya only to turn sharply against Gaddafi using the same Al-Queada to fight Gaddafi to his grave. The article above is quite correct in seeing conspiracy of US with Boko Haram in the brutal coward war of Boko Haram against innocent Nigerians. Those who know and studied CIA and its ” Dirty Tricks Desk” will understand that nobody is save anywhere against the US Frankenstein Until we have leaders who understand and prepare to make supreme sacrifices for the liberation of Africa from Euro-America modern slavery, African folks will continue to suffer humiliation and dehumanization all over the world including here on the African soil. Secondly, it is sickening a Nigerian should call America to come rescue Nigeria from Boko Haram with its Alfonso and Gaston role and sabotage to ensure that overwhelming Nigeria abundant resources are taken by it. Lets face it, there is quite a good number of “Quislings” in Nigeria. Even today there are significant agents of.America imperialism in our government planted to control Nigeria on behalf of US. We need not to mention their names but just look into where they come from. They are doing well for US in destroying our economy. Unfortunately some leaders in Africa think that US will bail them out in case of internal external hot crises not knowing they are signing their death warrants.

  23. Avatar
    Emeka Akibundle 20 October, 2012 at 00:16 Reply

    recall sir,d stretges amrica went to use to destroy our peace loving country nigeria,we would not flod our hands or allow them to achieve there goals.1 i,will carry out campiang inform people to know what is going on,creating awarness with dis people will now understand that dis problem we are facing is nt a politcal issue,by so doing peace will take control.

  24. Avatar
    Akara Moimoi 26 November, 2012 at 14:31 Reply

    This is fiction……America does not want the breakup of Nigeria. It profits Amerrica more to have a united Nigeria.

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