Boko Haram: Arrest Senator Ali Modu Sheriff aka SAS Now

Ali-Modu Sherrif

Jan. 15, 2014


The people of Borno have stood up to combat insane terror. Nigeria’s military is engaged, fighting and dying to restore sanity to one of the prior most peaceful parts of Nigeria. As they all make the ultimate sacrifice, fighting and dying to protect the sanctity and sanity of life, not just in the north east, but the entire nation, it is an insult and vituperation to the nation and gravid misconduct of the authorities of Nigeria, that the sponsors and inventors of terror remain lose and above the law, while our youth and army who we portray as dispensable and disposable, die to clear up the mess.

Sponsors of terror can no longer walk free. Top level suspects must be brought in. Dots must be connected and serious investigations run on all those who have sided and abetted and sponsored, directly or indirectly, the menace that plagues Nigeria and its neighbors.

Those whose duty it was to protect the people, but were negligent and even went ahead to arm bandits who later became full blown terrorists, must be held to account for their misdeeds, not just to clear up this particular mess, but in responsibility and as a responsibility of the government, to prevent this from recurring and recurring in a political reckless republic.

Ali Modu Sheriff, aka, SAS is chief suspect. The people have passed their judgment. After the bombing in Maiduguri today, our brave youth could take it no more and once again, went after SAS. Ali Modu Sheriff was the bloody-rich governor of Borno, under whose watch Boko Haram successfully evolved. Do you know the hurt, the pain and the insult as he comes back, free and fat, to involve himself in politics in the state?

It is public knowledge that the politicians of Borno invented ECOMOG, an armed civilian hooligan force, which was used for political intimidation during Ali Modu Sheriffs battle to edge out Governor Mala Kachallah from the Government House. Alhaji Mala  Atuman, who was declared wanted by the Civilian JTF June 27th last year and whose house was later attacked by Borno youth, leading up to his arrest—which SAS reproached—and others who filled in the vacuum when SAS and his team abandoned Boko Haram-Ecomog, must all be arrested and thoroughly interrogated.

There must be top level culprits. Nigerians are not monkeys and our lives are not more worthless than grass. Enough is enough. The National Security Advisers of Nigeria, under whose tenures and whose responsibilities it was to check and arrest the development of terror networks in the country must be brought to book for dereliction of the duty for which Nigeria paid them.

In our jobs, we all do our duty. If we fail, we are fired and/or sued. Nigeria’s ministers, governors, security advisers and presidents who failed to protect the society, which paid them heavily to do so, must be brought to account for their carelessness and direct or indirect facilitation of the menaces of deadly terror, north and south. There must be fiscal responsibility and retribution, for us to be a nation or nations more than a mere collection of barbarians. Things cannot get better if administrative criminals are not held to account.

Failure of the current administration to deal with terror from the top, as our army and brave youth sacrifice and die to curb it from the bottom, will clearly define this government as a supporter of, and accessory to death and terror.

In May of 2012, the President of Nigeria stated that he knew the sponsors of terror and will bring them to Justice. It is 2 years later now. We will not wait any longer. Bring the sponsors of terror to justice or you, the Federal government is a sponsor of terror, and the Nigerian nation is under siege of its government. And while you are at it, please get PDP chairman, Bamanga Tukur who said, “Boko Haram is fighting for justice, Boko haram is another name for justice,” out of our faces. Stop being so wicked. Respect us and our lives a little.

Dr. Peregrino Brimah [Every Nigerian Do Something]
Email: [email protected] Twitter: @EveryNigerian