Boko Haram Begs Civilian-JTF To Back-down: Read Full New Video Transcript

Boko Haram, yesterday released a video where its leader Abubakar Shekau declared the recently captured Gwoza a caliphate.

The video also contains scenes of the sects brutal attack on the town, Nigerian troops fleeing for safety and the massacre of civilians.

Below is a translation of Shekau’s message in the video that lasted about 16 minutes.

“We give thanks to almighty God who has helped us to detonate bombs in Yobe’s town called Damaturu. We still thank God for the successful bombing of Damboa, and other parts of Nigeria.

“We are grateful to Allah for the big victory he granted our members in Gwoza and made the town part of our Islamic caliphate.

“Oh you people, here I am Abubakar Shekau, still standing on my feet. I am still the leader of Jama’atu Ahlissunnah Lid Da’awati wal Jihad; that country called Nigeria — a name we don’t believe in but forced to address as such because it has no better name. For us there is nothing like Nigeria but Islamic caliphate, because God the Creator of the world and the earth we are all standing is the sole owner of the earth and no one else. So we have no option but to obey the owner of the sky that is above us, even as He is the owner of the earth. We Muslims obey our Creator.

“Oh people of the world, Allah has granted us victory in the town of Gwoza, not because of our might but because we are committed to do his work. Oh people, I choose to deliver this message in order to refute the lies being spread by the government about the operations we had in recent times.

slaughter“We warn the vigilante, called Civilian-JTF, to back down; if not, there will be no place for them to hide. We have evidences of how you killed some of our brethren whom you would ask if they were Boko Haram before you killed them; we knew how you humiliated them by asking them if they had ever carried guns or killed someone…we knew everything about the evil you committed against our brethren.

“We still have the magnanimity of asking you to repent; because you will never succeed in this way by the grace of Allah; and I swear by Allah that we will never stop killing you, because Allah commanded us to kill people like you. If we pity you and spare you, one day you will become infidels; so to us having pity on you is an act of disbelief. You can continue to run or hide your identities in women’s attire, but we will get to you and remove the women clothing off you; then while you are shouting for mercy we will strike, smash your heads and kill you all. Even if you don’t do anything to us we will kill you…We would do it even to avenge our brethren you killed in large numbers.

“We don’t joke with religion (quoting from the Koran). There is no hypocrisy in this religion. It is only the truth. Therefore, woe unto you, vigilante. Woe unto you. It is Allah that torments you and, even tomorrow, Allah will torment you. By Allah you will never achieve your aim. I swear by Allah.

“To the Americans…who is America in the sight of Allah? Who is America in the sight of Allah? Who is Israel in the sight of Allah? Who is France in the sight of Allah? It is only when we don’t have firm belief. We don’t fear you at all. We were the ones who carried out all these attacks. Not just Gwoza — all the attacks you see in Borno (state) or any country, we are the ones carrying them out.

“This is the life for us; it is our world and we are living it out. How can one fear these American people? If one is indeed a believer, he need not to. How can one fear these people (America) if one is indeed a believer?

“This is the speech I have to make, which is a warning of worse things to come. Better submit to Allah before it becomes too late.”