In New Video Boko Haram Copies ISIS, Declares “Caliphate” In Occupied Territories of North Nigeria

Boko Haram drives tanks received from the Nigerian army


The Boko Haram terrorist group released a latest video in which they declared an “Islamic caliphate” in Gwoza and other occupied regions of Borno state in Nigeria’s north east.

The ISIS terrorist group recently made the same declaration in areas of Iraq and Syria.

In the 40 minute video released by AFP, Boko Haram showed its recent attack and soldiers of the Nigerian army running as Boko haram fired at them.

The terrorists drove comfortably in several hilux vehicles and had Nigerian army tanks they also used for the assault.

At the end of the video the terrorists showed footage of them clearing out more fresh ammunition from Nigeria’s military stores. Boko haram continues to obtain ammunition from abandoned Nigerian military bases.

There was no evidence in the footage of Nigeria’s air-force.