Boko Haram new Video Shows Abducted Girls, Proposes Prisoner Swap

May 12, 2014

NewsRescue- Boko Haram terrorists have released a new video in which they showed about 140 of the abducted girls and demanded a prisoner swap with the release of all captured terrorists across the country for them to release the girls.

The Nigerian government has revealed that they are in contact and negotiating with the group. The government disclosed that Boko Haram has split up the girls and booby trapped their enclaves with land mines and traps.

In the video released, the girls were seen in full hijab and some christian girls abducted who spoke said they had been converted to Muslims.

The girls looked in ok health and not malnourished.

The video was shot in a forest with a terror banner behind the girls.

We have not yet obtained a copy of the video and are only reporting based on the feed in the media.