Boko Haram Frees 21 Chibok Girls As Nigeria Violently Clamps Down On Shia Islam


Boko Haram known to have its key negotiators in Saudi Arabia has agreed to free 21 abducted Chibok girls as the Nigerian authorities clamped down on Shia Muslims, orchestrating a massacre of them and obstruction of their religious duties.

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Boko Haram has in its last videos threatened Shia Muslims in Nigeria. It is not known if the government clampdown of Shia Islam in Nigeria at the same time Boko Haram released the Chibok girls is related and where the negotiations were held…if in the Kingdom.

There has been interesting chatter between the Saudi Kingdom and Nigeria leading up to the release of the girls as well as a concerted move by many northern state governors led by Kaduna’s el-Rufai to persecute and ban Shia worship in Nigeria.

Nigerian police were captured as in images below transporting Boko Haram linked takfiri youth to kill Shia Muslims and burn their buildings in Nigeria’s northern states.

Nigerian police transport Boko Haram-linked takfiri terrorist youth to kill Shia Muslims
Thugs, muft-dressed policemen or takfiri hooligans in police vans
Thugs, muft-dressed policemen or takfiri hooligans in police vans

Recent emails released by Wikileaks of Podesta’s communications with democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton show that the US was concerned that Saudi Arabia and Qatar provided financial and logistic support to ISIS terror organization.

Four Boko Haram terrorists were also said to have been released in the negotiations.