Buhari: Tell Saudi Arabia To Produce Boko Haram Sec. Gen. Danladi Ahmadu


As Nigeria’s President drags an unwilling Nigeria into a global conspiracy web with potential financiers of terror organisations under the auspices of the Saudi coalition, Nigeria must urgently demand for the immediate arrest and repatriation of Boko Haram sponsors based in the Saudi oil Kingdom. (See: CNN, December 2015: Angela Merkel’s deputy accuses Saudi Arabia of sponsoring extremism.)

Crescent moon and star symbol of Wahhabi Islam, put on top of the Holy Kaaba
Crescent moon and star symbol of Wahhabi Islam, put on top of Mosques and the Holy Kaaba

It is well known that Boko Haram always stages its top level negotiations with Nigeria, comfortably from Saudi Arabia.

The latest ceasefire negotiations between the former Goodluck Jonathan administration’s presidential aide, Hassan Tukur and Boko Haram, like most prior negotiations took place with the Secretary general of Boko Haram, a certain Danladi Ahmadu based in Saudi Arabia.

Quoting AP in HuffingtonPost‘s October 2014 publication, “Nigeria And Boko Haram Reportedly Reach Cease-Fire“:

“Omeri confirmed there had been direct negotiations this week about the release of the abducted girls. Another official said the talks took place in Chad with Danladi Ahmadu, who was identified as the Saudi Arabia-based secretary general of Boko Haram. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to talk to reporters.”

buratai shiaRead another brazen Press release by Saudi-based Boko Haram Secretary general Danladi Ahmadu: “What We Want”-Boko Haram’s ‘Representative’, Danladi Ahmadu.”

Excerpt from Combatting Terrorism Center by Jacob Zenn:

“Boko Haram Diplomacy in Saudi Arabia and Senegal
Boko Haram appears to have a “diplomatic” presence in Saudi Arabia, in addition to other militant connections. In August 2012, a Boko Haram faction led by Abu Muhammed negotiated in Mecca with a Nigerian government team led by National Security Adviser Sambo Dasuki and advised by General Muhammed Shuwa.”

general shuwa
Killed under suspicious conditions; Boko Haram denied killing him and claimed it was Nigerian security that did it

While calling on Nigeria’s leadership to as a matter of national and West African security, withdraw itself from the Saudi Arabia-led coalition which is yet to delineate itself as veritably anti-terror and not pro Gulf-state politico-sectarian interests and fanatical agenda, Buhari is urged to press the Saudi regime to produce all Boko Haram leaders residing in the Kingdom including Mr. Danladi Ahmadu.

We repeat that Boko Haram cannot be defeated unless its sponsors are arrested and prosecuted and foreign links are brought to international justice. Terror will resurge and bombings will continue unless the head of the monster is identified and severed.

shettima heads roll

Without justice, there can be no peace. Nigeria must stop preserving, tolerating and dining with the devil. At least 50,000 lives have been lost in the terror according to Council on Foreign Relations’ Terror tracker data, and over 100,000 by local estimates including unreported deaths with mass burials, the heads protected by Borno Governor Kashim Shettima must roll for Nigeria to be delivered from God’s Wrath and know peace.


Dr. Peregrino Brimah @EveryNigerian

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