Boko Haram Member Confesses Former Gov. Sheriff Supplies Shekau Arms, Ammunition [Video]

A middle aged man suspected to be members of the dreaded Boko Haram sect has fingered a former Governor of Borno State, Ali Modu Sheriff as the sponsor of the sect.

The suspect whose name was not given was arrested and interrogated by members of the Civilian Joint Task Force (CJTF) in Borno State.

Although, no details of his arrest is known, the suspect confessed in a video that Ali Modu Sheriff supplies the sect with arms and ammunition.

Recall that an Australian Negotiator, Dr. Stephen Davis had few weeks ago accused the former governor and a retied Army Chief as the sponsor of the deadly sect, an allegation the two accused persons denied.

Dr. Davies had said at different times that he was told by several Boko Haram commanders that Sheriff who recently defected from the opposition All Progressives Congress to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is a major sponsor of the sect.

According to him, the former governor’s defection is to shield him from possible prosecution by the PDP led government of President Goodluck Jonathan.

The suspect who spoke in Hausa said Sheriff  is the one who supplies Shekau ammunition, adding that Shekau confirmed this himself.

We have transcribed the confession below. You can also watch the video:


Investigator; For how long have you been in Boko Haram?

Arrested Boko Haram Member; Since 2007, sorry i mean 2012

Inv; what month?

BH; The 5th month of the year, that is may

Inv; Where is the person who initiated you?

BH; he is in Banki (a border town in Borno)

Inv; What is the name of the person who initiated you?

BH; Bakura Amir

Inv; How many people have you killed?

BH; Only two people

Inv; Who are their names?

BH; I dont know their names

Inv; are they teachers and do you know where they teach?

BH; Yes they are teachers and i dont know where they teach

Inv; what is your own name?

Inv; My name is Zaram but the name my parents named me is Mohammed Alhaji Bukar

Inv; Why did you join Boko Haram?

BH; Because i wanted them to give me money

Inv; How much did they give you?

BH; N800,000

Inv; what will be your advice to anyone who is willing to join Boko Haram?

BH; Kaiii. i will advise them not to join because BH is doing an evil thing. it has nothing to do with Islam

Inv; Have you ever met Shekau?

BH; No, i have never met him but he only gives us money and arms through our intermediary

Inv; Who gives you weapons?

BH; it is Shekau who gives us weapons

Inv; who gives Shekau weapons?

BH; It is Ali sheriff

Inv; Ali modu sheriff?

BH; Yes. SAS

Inv; you mean it is Ali Modu sheriff that sends weapons to Shekau?

BH; Yes

Inv; is that what Shekau said?

BH; Yes

The end.