Boko Haram “Shekau” Character Releases New Video Rejoicing Over France Charlie Hebdo Attacks


The Boko Haram leader, “Shekau” released an on time new video yesterday in which he rejoiced over the recent attacks in France that took 17 lives.

In the new 8 minute video in which “Shekau” looked robotic like a caricature, the leader said:

“We are very happy with what happened at the heart of France. Oh you French people, oh you who follow the religion of democracy, between you and us is enmity to eternity,”

Boko Haram has captured territory double ISIS in Nigeria and this January kileld 2500 people in and around Baga in the northeaast. Nigeria’s leadership has been helpless in combatting the terror.

CNN has a clip from the video here.