Boko Haram “Shekau” In New Video Says ” I Am Hale, Healthy And Happy…”


In a latest 40 minute video, Boko Haram “leader/double” Shekau has discredited Nigerian military’s claims of having injured him, saying, ” I am happy, healthy and safe.”

Weakened and Seeking New Members, Patronage

Mocking the nation’s national anthem, saying that it is against Islam to pledge to the state statutes and late ancestors, he continued his propaganda rant.

In English, he said there was a conspiracy to destroy Islam. That they sent a spy to Egypt to understudy Islam.

He continued that the person came back with a Quran and said that as long as Muslims had the Quran they cannot be destroyed…so they decided to inject Muslim and secular education into Muslims to destroy them. This is the primary concept of “Boko Haram” nickname which means, western civilization is forbidden.

Apparently Boko Haram in its new weakness position is trying to re-present itself again and struggling for new recruits.