Boko Haram: The West Is An Accomplice – Jingir

sheikh Sani Jingir

April, 16th, 2012

Leadership- The chairman national council of Ulama of Izalatil Bidiah Waikamatis Sunnah (JIBWIS), Sheikh Sani Yahaya Jingir, has insisted that there is more to the Boko Haram phenomenon than meets the eye even as he accused the west of accomplice.

Sheikh Jingir, who spoke to journalists yesterday at the close of national preaching organised by JIBWIS  in Katsina said, “the West may have hands in it because they predicted the disintegration of Nigeria by 2015” and noted that the killings currently going on could be connected with that prediction.

The cleric said that the manner of the attack showed clearly that it was a grand ploy to ground the north as according to him “how comes someone who hates western education will be terrorising people in Maiduguri where the level of education is low and not the south with high rate of education?”

Continuing, he said, “if it is western education they don’t want in Nigeria, how comes it is only the north that the killings and bombings persist while in other regions there are no such things? There is more to it.”

Jingir, however, faulted leadership at all levels for bad governance and the current security challenges facing the country even as he insisted that the option available for both leaders and the led was total return to the teachings of Almighty Allah.

Our correspondent reported that scores of notable Islamic scholars who spoke at the two day event harped on the need for the Muslim Ummah to adhere strictly to the teaching of Holy Quran which promotes peaceful coexistence and tolerance.

They specifically urged leaders at all levels to be God fearing and stressed that just leadership was necessary for development and is the panacea for unity and peaceful coexistence in any society.