Bonny LGA Chairman Bans “Ogogoro Kai Kai” Hot Drinks and Declares War Against Filth

 Hon. Abbey said this during the week when he paid an unscheduled visit to the Bonny Health Centre at Market Road where he frowned at the sight of a refuse dump close to the health centre and the threat it posed to the patients’ well being and ordered an immediate evacuation of the unsightly nuisance.

The LGA Chairman queried the staff of the health centre as to why they should  allow such a public health hazard to exist close to the centre knowing fully well its implication on the well being of their patients.

Meanwhile, in a swift response to the several deaths recorded across the LGA due to the consumption of a harmful type of local gin (kai kai) composed of methanol, the LGA Chairman, Hon. Omuso Abbey, has set up a task force to locate, confiscate and destroy drums and bottles of all brands of the local gin (kai-kai) which has claimed not less than 20 lives since Sunday, 31st May, 2015.

Bonny LGA Chairman Bans “Ogogoro  Kai Kai” Hot Drinks and Declares War Against Filth

The Chairman, Bonny Local Government Area of Rivers State, Honourable Omuso Abbey, says a clean environment promotes public health and elongates our lifespan and as such we should all strive to ensure our environment is always clean.

Clearing the refuse.

Meeting with the task force.

Drums of  local gin (kai-kai) .

Additionally, the task force will also monitor illegal and indiscriminate dumping of refuse by residents to curb further littering of the environment which is dangerous to health.

Moreso, the Chairman, who later inspected the cemetery, was highly displeased seeing the appalling state of the cemetery which has been overgrown with grass, noting that “our dead should be respected. Here, lies those who in one way or the other have contributed to the growth and development of this community and thus, should be respected by always keeping the place clean and grass-free for easy entrance for those who may want to go pay tribute to their loved ones once in a while”.

He, therefore, set up another task force to commence immediate cleaning of the cemetery.

The LGA boss promised to supervise the activities of the various task forces by himself to ensure their effectiveness and speedy discharge of their assigned mandate, assuring the people of his commitment to improve their welfare and well being before the end of his tenure.

~ By Godswill Jumbo from Bonny Island, Rivers State, Nigeria.

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