BREAKiNG: Army Reveals Buratai’s Properties In Dubai Alone Total $1.5 Million! – TheNation


Nigeria’s army and government official channels have revealed that the properties bought by Nigeria’s chief of army, Lt. general Tukur Yusuf Buratai in Dubai only stand at a total of $1.5 million!

This amount does not represent the recently promoted Lieutenant General’s total assets which include properties in Nigeria among others.

A theNationOnline, an official channel of government releases article was captioned, “Army defends Buratai over $1.5m Dubai properties.”

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This was the first time a total value of Buratai’s assets in Dubai alone was made public. The breaking news report that revealed Buratai’s property ownership abroad only listed one of the army General’s two properties which was valued at $419,830. The Nigerian army later admitted on behalf of the army chief that Buratai had not one but two properties in Dubai. It can therefore be calculated that the second piece of juicy real estate is priced at $1,080,000.00!

Nigerians have begun protests on twitter and other media for a probe and the resignation of the army chief also accused of mass murders across the country.

The army revealed that the $1.5 million properties were purchased through a series of payments in 2014, at the height of the Dasuki-Jonathan corruption army funds diversion years.

Ridiculing how the chief who was the head of DHQ procurement as evidenced on the army website and Bureau of Public’s website also though surprisingly denied by the army; Nigerians have jested at how it was possible to save up so much money on a salary of at most N650,000/month that Buratai earned till he was recently promoted to head the army.

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